DEPP VS HEARD What really happened with Johnny Depp’s finger?

On March 7, 2015, Johnny Depp lost a fingertip in Australia, and he used the blood from the finger to draw on the walls. He says his finger was severed from broken glass after Amber Heard threw a vodka bottle at him and then he had a nervous breakdown. She says she was assaulted by Johnny that night and didn’t know his finger was injured until the next day, but thinks he injured it by slamming a phone against a wall. Ultimately, though, Amber says she doesn’t know how he injured his finger. Johnny told the emergency room doctor that he had been the one to hurt his finger.

He testified, however, that he did not hurt his finger. Instead, he says the finger injury happened as a result of Amber throwing a vodka bottle at him, which shatter and hurt his finger. “No, I can’t take responsibility for what I now call “Little Richard,” my chopped finger,” Johnny testified in court.

Johnny says he lied to the emergency room doctors and nurse because he “didn’t think it wise to cause a ruckus, implicate Ms. Heard, and then have 8 million stories out in the press about how she’d thrown a bottle of vodka at me and how it smashed all the bones in the tip of my fingers, and it was also sliced down . . . it was pretty horrible.”

“I didn’t want to put her in this situation. I didn’t want to put any of us in this situation. I didn’t want to put the film [Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales] in that situation,” Johnny elaborated. “That was why I said it was crushed in an accordion door.” It should be noted that Amber Heard’s lawyers say Johnny told the emergency room staff that he was injured by a knife, and Dr. Kipper affirmed that Johnny Depp had told the emergency room doctor this story.

Dr. Kipper was on a $100,000 per month retainer to be Johnny Depp’s personal 24/7 doctor, specializing in addiction recovery. He was able to attend to Johnny Depp’s wound when he was finally called from his hotel and took Johnny to the emergency room because there were limits to what he could do as a doctor.

Dr. Kipper did try to locate the tip of Johnny’s finger to see if it could be reattached. It was found by Johnny’s chef in the kitchen, and there was broken glass around where it was found.

Dr. Kipper says when he arrived at their house Amber Heard was very upset, but she did not seek any treatment from Dr. Kipper at that time. Amber Heard said that Johnny Depp sexually assaulted her with a liquor bottle the night his finger was severed and claimed that she had been beaten by Johnny. Dr. Kipper testified that Amber Heard had no observable injuries that he could see.

There is recorded audio of this, which you can listen to in the below YouTube video.

This YouTube video highlights some clips from that audio that seem to implicate Amber. None of this is admissible in court, and Amber does not directly admit to being the cause of Johnny’s severed finger in this audio. She does say in the audio: “I love him, I never meant to hurt him.”

Amber testified she also had injuries from this night, including many cuts on her feet, and even bleeding from her private area. Oddly enough, she was not interested in seeking any sort of medical attention for herself.

Amber testified that she took two sleeping pills that night and woke up to Marilyn Manson music playing and bloody writing on the walls. She claims she found Johnny with the severed fingers and realized he had been using it as a paintbrush on the walls. She also said he defaced her paintings and other art in the house they were renting in Australia.

During the cross-examination of Johnny Depp, he’s confronted by an audio recording from one of his fights with Amber Heard where he seems to be saying “the day that I chopped my finger off.”

On Monday (today) Amber Heard’s team called orthopedic surgeon Dr. Richard Moore, who is being paid $1000-an-hour to be an expert witness to the stand to give his opinion on Johnny Depp’s injury. It was his finding that Johnny’s story about being injured by a broken vodka bottle is “not consistent with what we see in the described injury pattern or the clinical photographs”.

What started the fight between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard in Australia?

Not only do Amber and Johnny wildly disagree about what happened the night Johnny lost his finger, but they also disagree about why they were fighting. Amber says Johnny was jealous over costars of Amber’s past and present, while Johnny says Amber was angry over a postnuptial agreement they were working on together.

He says she thought he was trying to trick her into not getting anything in a divorce, which he says were not his intentions. When they did divorce Amber received $7 million, which she pledged to charity. She testified in court that she has not yet donated this money, explaining that she uses the words “pledge” and “donate” synonymously.

Johnny Depp later contracted MSRA twice while recovering from his injury, and for a while it was worried that the staph infection could lead to the loss of the rest of his finger, or potentially his entire arm.

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