RHOBH What happened with Diana Jenkins’s book Room 23?

RHOBH castmate Diana Jenkins didn’t want to talk about her provocative book Room 23 in the episode that aired Wednesday night, which of course fanned the flames for more curiosity about the book. She says the book blew up in her face. What happened?

Diana herself didn’t mention it, but Lisa Rinna, who was in the book, did. “Have you guys seen her book, Room 23?” Lisa Rina asked the group during dinner. Erika Jayne had seen the book and called it “really sexy.”

Diana, however, wasn’t interested in going down that road again. “I don’t particularly want to talk about the book tonight because it took a lot of money, a lot of time to achieve what I did, but it backfired. All these rumors started, it was like an offense of my character,” Diana said.

The book had been mentioned on a previous episode where Erika called the book “sex positive” and “woman positive.”

What is the Room 23 book?

Diana Jenkins published the coffee table photobook Room 23 in 2009. It was a collaboration with photographer Deborah Anderson that featured intimate and provocative photos of many well-known celebrities in a “private penthouse suite in a hotel in Beverly Hills, California.”

Along with Lisa Rina, who got to pose in Playboy because of the book, other celebrities included George Clooney, Elton John, Heidi Klum, Cindy Crawford, Sharon Stone, Hayden Panettiere, Amanda Bynes, and Lindsay Lohan.

According to Diana’s website, the book was created to “raise awareness for The Sanela Diana Jenkins Human Rights Project at UCLA School of Law” and says proceeds went to “human rights projects.”


What was the rumor?

A 2012 blind item tried to link Diana’s book to some pretty salacious rumors. The rumor, which was posted on Livejournal blog Oh No They Didn’t and reposted on Jezebel, was that Book 23 was actually a celebrity call girl and client directory.

In May of 2022, Diana spoke out about this on Instagram when she was again hit with the accusation that the book was a celebrity call book and that she had been photographed with Jeffrey Epstein. The woman in the photo was actually Ingrid Seynhaeven, not Diana

Diana called the rumors “very, very dangerous. All you need to do is leave a bunch of fake rumors and you can actually destroy somebody’s life. It was just a very painful time, but truth prevailed. Everybody knows now.”

Is Room 23 still in print?

Room 23 is a very, very rare book. Right now there is only one used book available on Amazon. Because of the high demand it’s current price is $800.

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