CONFIRMED Stevie J is Joseline’s baby daddy: He promises to put aside their differences and help raise daughter Bonnie Bella

Who is Joseline Hernandez's baby daddy 2

After all the gossip, drama, backstabbing, insults, and lies, the answer was the simplest one all along: Stevie J is Joseline’s baby daddy. The two former LHHATL stars came together for the surprising and intimate reveal earlier today, and shared some sweet words the likes of which most fans probably never thought they would hear again.

In fact, it was only yesterday that Stevie J dropped jaws by telling Us Weekly that he could see himself getting back together with Joseline sometime in the future, and that he actually missed being with her. The comments came as Stevie ramped up the publicity machine for Leave It To Stevie, his official LHHATL spin-off, which has its VH1 debut in just a couple of weeks.

Up until then, however, it was alleged that Young Dro was actually the Joseline Hernandez baby daddy, in large part because he’s rumored to have signed up for LHHATL Season 6 alongside Joseline. And also because it seemed unfathomable that Joseline and Stevie could have hooked up at any point in 2016: they’ve feuded for literally the entire year. (Click here for an insult-by-insult breakdown of their battles, since it’s way too long to go into detail here.)

Two weeks ago, though, Stevie J agreed to take the paternity test Joseline wanted, on the condition that if he was the father of her baby, he would get full custody. To back up his condition, he filed papers in court claiming that Joseline is an unfit mother. But now it looks like those threats might be unnecessary. Here’s a screengrab of the video Stevie uploaded to Instagram earlier today, which we took just in case he later removed it:

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Unfortunately, Stevie did take the clip down, just a few hours after shocking he and Joseline’s followers with it. Fortunately, the noted social media chroniclers over at The Shade Room snagged the video. In it, Stevie teases Joseline about making him breakfast; teases himself by saying that the only reason she cooks anything for him is because he brings by “a big check”; gets Joseline to confirm that she’s only four weeks away from her due date; and double-confirms (thanks to the caption) that the daughter she’s expecting will be named Bonnie Bella.

#PressPlay: It's great to see #Joseline and #StevieJ working things out for their baby girl #LHHATL

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Of course, all this new baby happiness overlooks the possibility that Stevie J could be going to prison, following his admission that he skipped out on 13 years of child support payments for two of his children. And it also looks past the *other* baby Stevie is expecting: with Atlanta businesswoman and period panty developer Ms. Jackson, who got into a huge Instagram feud with Stevie just a few weeks ago.

However, good news is good news, and it sounds like things are very good indeed in the Jordan-Hernandez households. So: congrats to the parents, and here’s hoping little baby Bonnie Bella has a safe, speedy delivery in four weeks!

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(Photo credits: Stevie J is Joseline’s baby daddy via Instagram, h/t to The Shade Room)

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