CONFIRMED Safaree Samuels on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood for Season 4, but girlfriend drama may cut his time short

Safaree Samuels on Love & Hip Hop 2

The good news for fans is we’re getting at least one more season of Safaree Samuels on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. The bad news, though, is that drama with Safaree’s girlfriend Star Divine–who had already signed on as a new addition for the Season 4 cast–may have cut his participation short.

Some more of that good news, then, to start: VH1 recently confirmed that Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 4 will drop on Monday, July 17th. The network hasn’t announced anything else beyond a single, scintillating sentence: “Cable’s #1 franchise returns with perennial fan favorites and a slew of new players ready to take over Tinseltown.” One of those new players? Keyshia Cole, who reportedly snared a $1.5 million contract before agreeing to join. (Cole also revealed that the show began filming for Season 4 last month.)

In addition to Keyshia, The tea-spillers over at LHH fan account @LHHTea had already reported that Season 3’s breakout star Safaree was scheduled to come back. And another new cast member we learned about came in the form of Safaree’s boo Star Divine:

Excitement over those two announcements was cut short, though, as soon as Safaree revealed that he was leaving Hollywood behind. Judging by his language, it doesn’t sound like he’s packing up for a vacation–the verb “moving” doesn’t seem to bode well:

So what’s been going down? Though reports haven’t yet been confirmed, the prevalent rumor is that Safaree and Star got into a huge fight recently–and that Safaree had to be hospitalized after taking a beating from his girl. Allegedly, the two were seen brawling in downtown Hollywood and Star “hit [Safaree] over the head with a f*cking pole.” (Star later took to Snapchat and referred to Safaree having a “headache,” which seems to have either started this rumor or explained the reason behind it.)

Since filming for Safaree Samuels on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood has been ongoing–and since he has a contract with the network that he presumably can’t just abandon–it seems likely that we’ll see at least one side of this story when Season 4 airs.

(Photo credits: Safaree Samuels on Love & Hip Hop via Instagram)

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