Christian Bale to play Steve Jobs in forthcoming biopic

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Ashton Kutcher had his chance to play Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Now, according to screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, it’s time for “the best actor” to take on the role. And that man…is Christian Bale.

Sorkin is writing the second major biopic of Jobs to appear on screen in as many years. Kutcher starred in 2013’s Jobs, which did not do so well commercially or critically.

The forthcoming film, for now titled Jobs as well, has Bale as star, Sorkin–of The West Wing and A Few Good Men fame–writing the script, and Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle at the helm.


Steve Jobs


And, for now, the group couldn’t be more excited to work together.

“He has more words to say in this movie than most people have to say in three movies combined,” Sorkin told Bloomberg. “There isn’t a scene or frame that he’s not in….It’s an extremely difficult part, and he’s going to crush it.”

It should be interesting to see what angle Sorkin comes up with. Jobs–the 2013 version–didn’t quite tank, but it certainly didn’t perform well. But that also means it isn’t fresh in peoples’ minds (do you remember the movie? The trailer for it? Did you see either?).

And, if there’s one thing the guy who gave us Jed Bartlet, CJ Cregg, and probably the only palatable version of Mark Zuckerberg that will ever exist knows, it’s how to find a compelling story inside a potentially tedious narrative.

Plus, Ashton Kutcher is no Christian Bale.

What do you think? Are you excited about this news? Interested? Hopeful for another Batman movie?

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