VIDEO Chloe is leaving Unexpected, will not be back for Season 4

Chloe is leaving Unexpected

Chloe Mendoza from TLC’s Unexpected had some sad news for fans today as she revealed she and her family (and Max) will 99.9% not be back for another season.

The announcement that Chloe is leaving Unexpected after two seasons came in a Youtube video titled “Goodbye Unexpected” in which Chloe talks about her departure, as well as the positive and negative aspects of being on the show. “I am 99.9% sure that I am not doing another season,” she says early on in the seven-minute clip (included below). “I feel like my family is over it. My parents are done with it. I’m kind of done with it too now.”


Chloe has a mature take on the experience and puts the numerous negative aspects that go along with being on a reality show like Unexpected into perspective:

There are a lot of bad things that I could mention, but I view being on a reality show as a job, and most likely there are going to be some aspects of your job that you’re not gonna like. And for my job, since it was so public, there are obviously aspects that I don’t like because that’s just how it is when you have people who come film a week out of a month of your life and condense it to ten minutes. They can make it however they want. They can make it funny. They can make it sad. They can make it angry. They can make it all these types of things, and that part was out of our control obviously…That’s just how it goes. That’s the business.

Chloe continues by iterating the power of editing. “If you take, like, ten minutes out of your life — out of a month of your life — you can make it into whatever you want.” She recalls that her dad was worried early on that their story line might be too boring. “They told us: ‘Don’t worry, you won’t be. We can make it to where you won’t be.'”

More from Chloe on the power of editing and how having the cameras rolling changed (or didn’t change) the way things played out in her life:

That part sucks because it was out of our control. But, it’s a job, and I don’t want to complain about that because those things did happen. Whether or not they would have happened if we [weren’t] filming? Maybe they wouldn’t have. But also, maybe they would have. And maybe they would have been better, but also, maybe it would have been worse, you know what I mean?

I’m not gonna sit here and complain about it because ultimately I decided to do it. Even if I did just do the one season and then stopped after that. I decided to do two, so I knew what it was like going on the second time, and I still decided to do it because I still wanted to share my story with other people. That’s the whole reason we signed up for it was because we wanted to share our story so that other people could maybe relate to it.

The 18-year-old single mom has a very long list of positive things that came from doing the show, and she also has a long list of producers and crew members that she wanted to thank. “I want to start off first by thanking the crew — the crew that was amazing and that didn’t ever push me to do anything that I was uncomfortable with doing, and the crew that would make jokes with us, the people that would offer me advice and so I just want to thank those people.”

Chloe expresses her gratitude for many of the experiences that came from doing the show, including trips to New York City as well as meeting the other teen moms on the show. She was also very grateful for the following she has on social media. “I never had a platform, and now I sort of do,” she says. “I’m trying to use that for as good as I can, and I hope that I can use that more in the future, even when I am done with the show.”

“I’m just here to thank TLC, thank Unexpected, because even though I did have some arguments or disagreements with some of the producers, some of the higher up people, I still am very grateful for this opportunity…I’m not saying that it was, like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is like the best time ever!’ because it wasn’t. It was a lot of sadness, and long days, and all this stuff. But overall, it changed my life completely, and I just focus on how it changed my life for the better instead of thinking about the worst, you know what I mean?”

Prior to the announcement that Chloe is leaving Unexpected, she shared two other videos with some rather major updates. In one, she reveals that she got a new car. In the other, she gives a tour of her brand new apartment! I should point out that Chloe doesn’t mention Max’s name a single time in the farewell clip, and it is assumed that she will be living by herself with her daughter Ava in the one-bedroom apartment featured below.

Here is Chloe’s farewell video, followed by her videos showing off her new car and her apartment:

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