UNEXPECTED Chloe Mendoza graduating from college

Unexpected mom Chloe Mendoza graduates college

We’d like to send a HUGE congratulations to former Unexpected mom Chloe Mendoza as she will soon be graduating from Arizona State University!

21-year-old Chloe shared a gallery of photos sporting her maroon and gold ASU cap and gown. Oh — and a form-fitting little white dress! “In my graduation era,” Chloe captioned the gallery. The former reality star will walk the stage and get her diploma early next month.

Here’s the full gallery from Chloe:

UPDATE – Chloe shared more photos… WITH AVA!! Including a throwback photo from when Chloe graduated high school!

Chloe announced in November of 2018 that she had been accepted to ASU for the 2019 fall semester. Being more specific, Chloe was accepted into the ASU Speech and Hearing Science program. Her intention was to become a speech pathologist. It’s unclear if she stuck with that career goal and major.

As Unexpected fans are well aware, Chloe had A LOT of obstacles to overcome. In addition to getting pregnant as a teen, her daughter’s dad, Max Schenzel, was constantly getting arrested and was allegedly abusive towards Chloe and their daughter, Ava. Thankfully, Chloe eventually left Max.

It is a huge accomplishment for a single mom to live on her own and graduate from college! On time! Chloe’s mom, Jessica, hasn’t shared anything on social media in regards to Chloe graduating, but she did share an Instagram post on Chloe’s 21st birthday that summarizes how proud she is of everything Chloe has accomplished.

21 years ago today I brought a beautiful baby girl into the world who I have since watched grow into an amazing, strong, smart and kind hearted person. Chloe you definitely didn’t take the easy route in life, you had to grow up quicker then most of the people your age. But you never let that hold you back from still chasing your dreams.

Here you are a single mom, entering your senior year of college at ASU, living on your own and supporting your daughter all by yourself and not once have you complained about things being hard for you. You just make things happen and do it with such Grace.

I’m so proud of you and everything that you’ve become, my sweet daughter. Happy 21st birthday & may this marvelous milestone birthday open many fabulous doors for you and present you with endless opportunities.

Love you Forever & Always,
Mom & Dad
#alwaysbemybaby #21stbirthday #21andhotbuyherashot

Congratulations again to Chloe! We will be keeping an eye out for some actual graduation photos and videos!

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