EXCLUSIVE Chloe Mendoza confirmed for Unexpected Season 3

We have some good news for fans of Unexpected mom Chloe Mendoza as we can exclusively reveal that she has signed on for Unexpected Season 3.

It’s been almost two months since Chloe’s co-star Laura Barron revealed that she was the only mom from Season 2 who was not invited back for Season 3. Emiley Noack later revealed that she would not be back either because her ex Diego Reyes was not willing to sign on for another season. Show OGs McKayla Adkins and Lexus Scheller were pretty much a shoe-in, especially given what Laura said, so that only left Chloe.

We were unsure whether or not Chloe would be returning, mainly because she is still a minor and her mother Jessica had such an unpleasant experience the first time around. But, it seems that Jessica (and Chloe and Max) is willing to give it a go — albeit perhaps a bit reluctantly. A production source tells us that the decision was made in the just the past few weeks, which would mean that it was roughly a month after TLC initially extended the offer (according to Laura).

Our source could not confirm if the final decision was Jessica’s, only that Chloe has signed on for the new season. It’s possible that Max and/or Chloe were reluctant to come back due to his legal issues, but I get the impression that they both would have been gung-ho regardless.

The decision to start filming again would certainly explain why the Injunction Against Harassment against Max Schenzel was lifted last month. I don’t think TLC would have been too excited about filming Chloe if she was not allowed to be near her daughter’s dad! That Injunction was taken out by Jessica after an incident in which Max reportedly “put hands on” Chloe, and having it dismissed before it expired would have required Jessica’s cooperation.

Being able to be with Max publicly, and the fact that she was recently accepted into the Speech and Hearing Science program at Arizona State University, is resulting in quite the glow up for Chloe, who has been posting a lot of photos on social media looking mighty damn happy — including a photo shoot with Max and Ava. In her most recent Instagram gallery, Chloe is nothing short of beaming as she poses in cut-out jeans and a revealing long-sleeved cut-off shirt:

“Put your arms down, I can see your stomach,” Chloe joked in the caption.

The continued tension between Max and Chloe’s parents (I assume) as 17-year-old single mom Chloe begins college is plenty enough for a compelling story line, but add in the fact that Max is scheduled to begin serving his 3-month jail sentence in May for his felony fraud conviction last year, and that all but guarantees a dramatic Season 3 for Chloe!

I can’t say that I am the biggest fan of Max, but I can say that I am excited that I will be able to continue to watch Chloe’s story on TLC! Perhaps ol’ “millionaire Max” will surprise me, right?

There’s no release date for Unexpected Season 3, but clearly production is already under way. McKayla Adkins shared a couple photos on Sunday in which you can see her son Timmy with show producer (and former Teen Mom OG producer) “Auntie” Heather Walsh:

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Auntie heather teaching Timmy how to film! ???

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If you’re curious about Lexus and Shayden, they do appear to currently be together. Shayden posted a photo of himself with Lexus on Instagram last week and captioned it with: “I love you more than you could ever know baby, you and Scarlett are all I want and all I need in my life, I can’t wait to live our future together. I love you baby….”

So, as it stands, Unexpected Season 3 will consist of Lexus Scheller, McKayla Adkins, Chloe Mendoza, and one or more new moms. TLC has been continuously promoting casting calls for the show, so they are hoping to add to the cast. Of course, if TLC was patient with Chloe and her family for their decision, it is possible that Diego had time to change his mind.

Who will you be most excited to see return? McKayla kind of has a trump card with the birth of her daughter Gracelynn, but I’m thinking that I can’t be alone in REALLY wanting to see how this Chloe and Max thing plays out! Of course, Lexus might surprise everyone as she and Sheldon shock viewers by openly exploring a polyamorous relationship with another woman! ?

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com

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