Catelynn Lowell to critics: There’s no way Carly will feel less loved than the new baby

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra Baby Carly

When they were just teenagers, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra made the selfless decision to allow a loving family to adopt their daughter Carly. As their early episode of 16 & Pregnant shows, the couple faced opposition from their family all along — and, unfortunately, much of the public criticism started anew when Catelynn and Tyler announced they are expecting again.

During a Teen Mom/Teen Mom 2 reunion this summer, Leah Calvert posed the question to Catelynn and Tyler about whether Carly would “resent them.”

“I don’t think so just because I think it’s such an open adoption she’s going to understand where I was at the time when I was pregnant with her… That I was 16, living with my alcoholic mom and Tyler’s crackhead dad,” Catelynn responded. “Also, I’m 22 – almost 23 – and I’ve come a lonnnnng way from when I had her so it’s totally different. I mean I could understand, I feel like every adopted child probably wonders why… I just feel like if you explain it right then she’ll really understand. But, we’ll see.”

Still, that didn’t apparently didn’t quell the question entirely. After Catelynn posted a status yesterday about how excited she is for her new baby girl to arrive, someone said a comment like that may be “hurtful” to Carly.

“No it will not be hurtful because she knows everything about her story. We are in a totally different place older wiser and own a home,” Catelynn replied. “Stuff we didn’t have when I was pregnant with Carly. We have an awesome relationship and she can ask any questions she has so in no way will she feel like I loved this child anymore then I love her!”

Indeed, Catelynn and Tyler continue to have a great relationship with Carly — who has four loving parents. Carly’s parents even gave Catelynn and Tyler thoughtful gifts for their new baby during their most recent visit with the now 5-year-old girl.

More about Catelynn and Tyler’s road to baby No. 2 will be shown in the new season of Teen Mom, which is expected to premiere in early 2015.

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