VIDEO Reflections with Farrah Abraham: Remember memories on Memorial Day Weekend Month

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Farrah Abraham, our favorite Teen Mom-turned-philosopher, was back at it this week with some insightful comments on her perceived meaning of Memorial Day Weekend Month.

Take it away, Farrah…

It’s About #MemorialDay week #May @keek

May 20, 2014| Source:

Although I really, really suggest you watch the video for the full effect, here’s a transcript…

“Hello, Keekers! Happy Memorial Day Weekend, first and foremoooost! And there’s a lot to, you know, be thankful for in May… Whether you’re back home for the summer or visiting your family like I am. You know, good, bad, life changes. I mean, it’s been pretty crazy this month. In May. I’ve been remembering Sophia’s dad, my ex that passed away. And also just, you know, my family’s getting older and it’s kind of sad…”

Farrah then doled out some great advice: “Don’t forget just all the other memories to remember in Memorial Day month!”

Reflections With Farrah Abraham Keek - Memories to Remember

Hopefully a book with a more thorough look into the importance of remembering memories during Memorial Day Weekend Month is on it’s way… Until then, this has been Reflections with Farrah!

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