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Alaskan Bush People continues to fight fake label amid mounting accusations

Is Alaskan Bush People real? The Discovery mega-hit has managed to attract controversy over its allegedly staged scenarios almost from the minute it aired, but a recent string of eyebrow-raising schemes has many viewers wondering where the network draws the line. Read on for the latest intrigue involving the show, which involves alleged misinformation about how long the family had been in touch with this season's "secret daughter," and alleged inappropriate doins involving a forthcoming fire...

Alaskan Bush People’s Matt Brown arrested for DUI hit and run in 2013

As Discovery's super popular reality series Alaskan Bush People continues to bring in blockbuster ratings, more details are emerging about the family's not-so-bushy lives off camera. The latest discovery is that son Matt Brown was arrested for DUI and leaving the scene of an accident in a late-night escapade that involved drinking, sex, puking, and an ill-advised Walmart potato chip run.

Alaskan Bush People’s Joshua & Billy Brown plea deal rejected, will likely serve jail time

A judge in Alaska has denied a plea deal that would have allowed the Brown family from Discovery's popular Alaskan Bush People reality series to avoid jail time. The family received more than $20,000 from the Alaska Permanent Fund dividend as a result of lying about how often they lived in the state from 2009-2012. "Someone living in a trailer in the Valley (who) stole $2,000 worth of merchandise from Wal-Mart, they would serve jail time," the judge said. Keep reading for all the details and find out when the Brown family is due back in court.

Is Alaskan Bush People fake? Why are the Browns facing felony charges?

Discovery's latest breakout reality show hit Alaskan Bush People combines two hugely popular things that TV viewers can't seem to get enough of these days: people in the wilderness, and Alaska. The show features Billy Brown, his wife Ami, and their seven grown children–5 boys and 2 girls–who all live in a cabin they built themselves in the Copper River Valley of Alaska. But how much of this "reality" show is actually real? Keep reading for all the details!