Report: Levi Johnston slips off Levi’s puts Johnston to work, will be a daddy again

Perhaps the most random thrown in to the national spotlight baby-daddy in our nation’s history, Levi Johnston, has once again spread his Alaskan seed!

TMZ has sources closes to the star but hopefully not too close who are reporting that the lucky woman is Levi’s lady friend Sunny Oglesby. Sunny is a 20-year-old school teacher from… You guessed it, Wasilla Alaska.

Detail left out by TMZ… Sunny is a PRESCHOOL teacher.

The two have been an item for just over a year and she’s allegedly in the early stages of pregnancy, less than 3 months.

As for Levi’s other baby-momma, Bristol Palin, she wasn’t aware of the addition to her extended family and that’s due in large part to Todd and Sarah Palin doing their darndest to prevent Levi from seeing his son and being in the vicinity of their daughter. I guess Levi will have to get on with writing another chapter to his book, and if you’re thinking this is just an excuse to re-post the most awesomest of book covers again, you’re dang right.

Levi Johnston Deer in the Headlights book cover