Levi Johnston’s baby girl shall be named…

Levi Johnston, the great populator of Wasilla, Alaska, and second baby-momma Sunny Oglesby have settled on a name for their unborn daughter.

Here, I will give you a visual clue – it’s kind of like “Draw Something” without the drawing!

Levi Johnston's daughter will be named Breeze Beretta Johnston

Any guesses? Wendy Gun? Cloudy Pistol? Almost there… Here is a teaser interview from Inside Edition that will help you get to know Sunny a little better:

Enough of the games. Sunny has revealed that the baby girl’s name will be:

Breeze Beretta Johnston

In the above clip, Sunny stated that she was pretty darned fed up with people thinking that Levi is a bad father especially now that she’s going to be having his baby. Levi said about those who claim he’s a deadbeat dad, “Those people are just kind of ignorant and don’t have a life.”

Sunny did verify that Beretta is a direct reference to the gun manufacturer.

Now can you folks just get off Jessica Simpson’s back because Maxwell is a boy sounding name 🙂 ?