Levi Johnston and Sunny Oglesby name their daughter Breeze Beretta

Levi Johnston and Sunny Oglesby

Levi Johnston in officially a father of two. His girlfriend Sunny Oglesby, 20, welcomed a baby girl, Breeze Beretta Johnston, into the world earlier today. Johnston, 22, is also daddy to three-year-old Tripp Palin with his ex-fiance, Bristol Palin. At the time of his first child’s birth, both he and Bristol were teens, and although having a child at a young age may encourage some to wait longer for baby #2, Johnston had other plans.

According to TMZ, Levi and Sunny’s daughter was born at 5:28 AM this morning at Matsu Regional Hospital is Wasilla, Alaska weighing 6 pounds 15 ounces and spanning 19 inches. Although the two are happy to have a healthy baby girl, the pregnancy was unplanned.

Levi Johnston and Sunny Oglesby

Levi previously admitted to TMZ, “Things happen and we are both happy with what came of it. Sunny and I are looking forward to raising the [new] baby together and maybe eventually getting married or something.” Levi and Sunny, a school teacher, have been dating for about a year and a half.

Regarding his relationship with Tripp, Johnston claims he hasn’t been seeing him nearly as much as he’d like to — which he blames on his baby mama Bristol. He has even said that Bristol’s parent’s, Sarah and Todd, have lied to him and told him that Bristol and Tripp were out of town when they weren’t — just so he didn’t get to see him.

Let’s hope that baby mama #2 pans out and they get married.. “or something.”

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