Cat Cora DUI mug shot and video

Cat cora Mug Shot photo
Celebrity chef Cat Cora was arrested last month for a DUI after she rear-ended another car, and now the details are coming out (including this mug shot, where she looks hot as ever.)

Cat blew .19 on a breathalyzer, and told the cops she’d had 3 beers. Here’s a video the person Cat rear-ended took because they suspected Cat was drunk, and wanted evidence (courtesy of TMZ)

Cat expressed regret, and took full responsibility for her actions in a statement: “I deeply regret my decision to drive that evening after my designated driver became unavailable. I learned a very important lesson from this experience and take full accountability for my actions.”

Love you Cat, but drinking and driving is never cool. Thankfully no one got hurt.

Mug shot photo: Splash News