British singer Sinitta clarifies when she aborted Simon Cowell’s child

Simon Cowell and Sinitta

British singer Sinitta spoke with The Sun this week to clarify her previous comments about aborting Simon Cowell’s child.

“People are saying I aborted Simon’s baby in 2009 and that he only found out the other day,” said the 49-year-old. “That’s all lies — I’d never do that to him.”

Sinitta has been friends (with intermittent times of dating) with Simon since the 1980s. She said it was early on in their relationship that they faced the very big decision together.

“It was in the 1980s, not 2009, as by then I was already aware that I couldn’t carry a child full term,” she said. “It was a long time ago when we were both young. Simon was very concerned and by my side.”

Although Sinitta moved on since her early relationship with Simon and now has two adopted children of her own, she admitted last month she felt a “sense of betrayal” upon learning Simon is expecting a child with Lauren Silverman.

“I suppose there has been a certain amount of comfort for me in my not having a child with Simon as he never wanted to have children,” she told Hello Magazine, hinting at her abortion. “That’s who he was. You accepted it. Then to discover that he is going to have a child, only with someone else and they’re building this life together.”

After overcoming her initial shock, Sinitta said she became happy for her friend and Lauren, who she commonly associated with as a member of “Simon’s harem.”

“She’s in love with him,and he’s in love with her,” Sinitta told The Sun. “I’m happy for them and I mean that.”

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