Report: Britney Spears wants $20M to judge on X Factor

My mama taught me you should never judge, unless you can get a desperate sweater chested Simon Cowell to pay you $20 million dollars to!

Ah yes, the speculation that Brit-Brit will be slurping down Venti Mocha Frappachinos while giving her professional opinion on young singers for the American version of X Factor continue to swirl. The Wrap has reported that Spears turned down a $10 million offer to be better than Paula Abdul and has doubled down by asking for $20 million.

Actually this negotiatin’ went down three weeks ago and it looks like Spears may shift gears causing Simon tears by signing on to become a lucrative resident performer in Las Vegas like Celine Dion or Fanny McFannister over at the Tailgators club just off the strip.

None of the camps have commented but most industry insiders feel that $20 million is too darn high. For comparison sake NBC did drop $10 million to land XTina for The Voice.

Image: Wright/Beiny/WENN | WENN