PHOTOS Breaking Amish’s Katie Ann Schmucker and boyfriend Leroy Miller

Breaking Amish Return to Amish Katie Ann Schmucker rodeo

On the Return To Amish Reunion Special Abe’s sister Katie Ann Schmucker shocked viewers (and host Michelle Beadle) when she revealed that she is leaving to Amish to move in with her boyfriend and… join the rodeo?!? When asked who her new beau was, Katie declined to reveal his identity. She has apparently since had a change of heart as she announced on Facebook earlier today that she is currently in a relationship with a feller named Leroy Miller!

Here’s how the big BF reveal went down on “The Shunning Truth:”

Katie Ann: I just made up my mind that I have one thing I want to do and I’m going to go do it.

Michelle Beadle: What’s that?

Katie Ann: It’s leaving the Amish and trying to make my life in the rodeo.

Michelle: WHUH?!? Does everybody know this?!?

Rebecca: Well, did you tell them about your boyfriend?

Michelle: Who’s your boyfriend?

Katie Ann: I’m not going to mention his name.

Return to Amish Katie Ann Schmucker boyfriend Leroy Miller

In the photo above you can see Katie Ann and Leroy kickin’ up some dust on the dance floor together. And here’s a photo of just Leroy, who looks to be an aspiring rodeo star just like Katie Ann, judging from his Facebook profile:

Return To Amish Katie Ann Schmucker's boyfriend Leroy Miller photo

A huge congratulations to Katie Ann — and let me be the first to say that I can’t wait until the announcement from TLC and Hot Snakes Media that she has landed her own spin-off show in which she (and mother Mary Schmucker of course!) hit the rodeo circuit. Oh, and to make it a little more fun, Jeremiah can tag along and chase his new dream of being a rodeo clown. Who wouldn’t tune in for that show?!?

Here are a few title suggestions:

Bucking Amish
Katie Ann and Mary: Shuntamed
Breaking Yeeee-Hawmish
The Schmucker Buckers

And to wrap things up, how about a photo of Katie Ann looking as though she is getting ready for some nights around the campfire singing “Home on the Range:”

Breaking Amish Return to Amish Katie Ann Schmucker  guitar

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