Breaking Amish’s Mama Mary Schmucker hospitalized

Breaking Amish Mama Mary Schmucker sick and in the hospital

Fans are deeply concerned today after Breaking Amish stars Rebecca and Abe Schmucker posted a call for prayers for show matriarch Mama Mary Schmucker on Facebook.

“We are asking for Prayers for this awesome mom!!!” reads the initial Facebook statement, which included the photo of Mary riding in a limo below. “Please pray that she will be ok!! You can also leave your well wishes on her page as well! Breaking Amish Mary Schmucker! Thank you!!”

Breaking Amish Mary Schmucker limo

As you might imagine, the post elicited a lot of prayers and well wishes, but it also caused a lot of concerned fans to ask what was wrong. The Abe and Rebecca Facebook page later responded to those inquiries with a separate post:

Momma Mary has been admitted to the hospital and I have no information yet to give so either you can pray for her or shut your mouth and quit being rude!!

It is unclear at this point why Mary is in the hospital, but no matter what the reason is, we’re adding our get well soon wishes to the quickly growing mountain of support!

UPDATE – Rebecca and Abe have revealed more information about what is wrong with Mary and the planned treatment:

So here is the update, mom has hernias and one of them is acting up. They will try to fix it externally at 8 pm tonight and if it does not work she will need surgery to correct the problem tonight yet. They are draining fluids from her stomach and hoping surgery is not needed. Thank you for all the prayers and we will try to keep yall updated!

And another update from Mary on Thursday:

A little update this morning. I am some better. No surgery till later. . Have to get my heart in better shape . Then hernia surgery later.

And another from Rebecca later Thursday that sounds like REALLY good news:

So far they are still trying externally to fix the hernia. They really don’t want to do surgery unless they have to because she has heart problems and it would take a toll on her heart. They said there is only a 20% chance of her needing surgery. They are starting to give her a small amount of fluids to see what happens. So thank you for all your prayers!! You prayers have created miracles before and I know it can happen again!! God is Great!!!

And yet another – things keep getting better quickly!

The ‪#‎powerofprayer‬ has been amazing!! Thank you all!! As of now Mom does not need surgery!!! They want to wait until she is a little stronger so she can hopefully handle the surgery better so they hope she can be home within the next few days!!! Yay!! We are very happy!! Seeing her in that state of being so sick is hard on all of us! We are grateful to all the family that has traveled close and far to be by her side and praying for her and supporting her through this time!!
‪#‎Schmucker‬ ‪#‎family‬

And one last update (we hope) that completes the good news cycle:

Update; Mom is coming home today!!! She will not have the surgery until a later date when she’s better but we are thankful she can come home and that she is ok for now!! 😉 Thank you all for keeping her in your prayers!!!

Mary’s health issues come just after her return from a trip to Florida during which she appeared to be in good health as she celebrated with Abe and Rebecca and hosted a book signing in Sarasota for her new cookbook, Mama Mary’s Amish Cookbook. Here’s a photo of Mama Mary and son Abe enjoying a limo ride to one of the Florida shindigs on December 26:

Breaking Amish Mary Abe limo Florida 2014

Mary also seemed to be feeling well once she returned to Pennsylvania, sharing this photo of her and some friends enjoying themselves over the weekend:

Breaking Amish Mary Schmucker drinking

Get well soon Mary!!!

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