Bobbi Kristina update: Death is “imminent;” Nick Gordon assembles legal team

Bobbi Kristina Brown and the puppy given to her by Nick Gordon



A source “close to Bobbi Kristina’s family” has told Atlanta media that the 22-year-old has been taken off all forms of life support and is very near death.

“She barely has any signs of life,” said the source, “and hardly any vitals.” In addition, “Security has been beefed up and even local law enforcement have been called because the families have been told that death is now imminent and they want to make sure that photographers don’t get pictures of her body being removed.”

The first news of Bobbi Kristina’s increasingly dire condition broke yesterday evening. A different source confirmed that Bobbi Brown has been removed from all life support, including machines and medicines, in the wake of her secret trip to Northwestern University Hospital in Chicago last week. Before that trip, father Bobby Brown had been committed to keeping Bobbi Kristina on life support if there was even the smallest chance of her recovery.

When doctors convinced Brown that there was no chance of any recovery, he consented to have his daughter taken off of life support.

Bobbi Kristina has been in hospice care at Peachtree Christian Hospice for eight days. She was moved to the Duluth GA facility last Wednesday.


Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of Whitney Houston, found unconscious in a bathtub


At the same time, Bobbi Kristina’s former boyfriend Nick Gordon has begun assembling a legal team to defend him against the $40 million lawsuit the Browns filed against him last week. That lawsuit–which was originally reported to seek $10 million in damages–alleges that Gordon abused Bobbi Kristina emotionally as well as physically. It states that Gordon “posed as Bobbi Kristina’s husband” in order to gain access to her finances; stole $11,000 in cash from her over an undisclosed period (and got Bobbi Kristina to pay for numerous luxuries, including a sports car); and beat her on multiple occasions.

The lawsuit also alleges that all the physical damage to Bobbi Kristina when she was found unconscious in her bathtub on January 31st, including a black eye and a missing tooth, was the result of a fight she had had with Gordon earlier in the day.

Gordon has retained Jose Baez, the high-profile attorney who won Casey Anthony’s acquittal for murder in 2011. Baez is the third member of Gordon’s legal team; he had already hired noted attorneys Joe Habachy and Randy Kessler, as well as private investigator TJ Ward, best-known for his work on the Natalee Halloway disappearance in 2005.


(Photo credits: WENN; Bobbi Kristina via Twitter)

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