Big Brother’s Britney Haynes’ house has burned down and she doesn’t know it!

Britney Haynes and her fiance Nick Grisham

Britney Haynes’ lack of discussion about her hubby-to-be Nick Grisham has been one of the more awkward subplots from Season 12 of Big Brother.  Frequent allusions have been made to her relationship with fellow houseguest Lane Elenburg even though there were no overt romantic interactions.  Heck, even her momma discussed the possibility of Britney and Lane being an item even though she’s engaged to another man!

Well poor ol’ Nick could possibly be in even worse shape as it is now being reported that the house the two were to live in has almost completely burned down!  The Arkansas Democrat Gazette was all over this burning story as its been confirmed that a grill that Nick neglected is the culprit.  Nick contacted the producers of the show who have agreed to keep the info secret until tonight’s finale where Haynes will cast a vote for who will walk away with the $500,000 grand prize.

Adding insult to injury Nick’s momma told the paper that Britney and her son had moved their belongings into the rental home shortly before she left for the show.  While this certainly won’t sit well with the outspoken blonde one-liner extraordinaire Nick may have saved some face by rescuing their two dogs from the house.

Britney Haynes have a big mouth indeed!

Despite his K-9 savin’ though good ol’ Nick is terrified of what Britney will think when she hears the news.  How do we know this?  Because his mommy told the paper about it.  Can’t this guy catch a break other than getting to share special moments with Britney?  Here is what momma Grisham had to say about her son’s trepedations:

“He hasn’t seen her in three months and he’s afraid she’s going to be mad,” Laura Grisham said. “I said ‘you don’t understand son, you are lucky to be alive, especially after going back in two more times to get the dogs out.”

Oh brother.  One thing I can say about Nick is that while he is afraid of Britney’s wrath he is manning up and flying out to L.A. to break the bad news to her in person.  If you want to read about and see additional photos of Britney and Nick as well as listen to an uncomfortable radio interview with the (possible) future Mr. Haynes you can check out our previous post here.

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