Why were Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner visiting a marriage counselor?

ben affleck and jennifer garner visit marriage counselor

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck announced that their ten-year marriage was over back in June and everyone and their mom was heartbroken to hear it. But just this week they were stopped leaving the offices of the same marriage counselor they saw while they were trying to work things out. The couple was all smiles as Jen walked Ben to his car.

So what does this mean, exactly? Are they back on? Well, since neither party was wearing a wedding ring, I’m gonna go ahead and say no. I know, it makes me sad too. They were cuter than a couple of sleepy kittens! That said, it’s far more likely that the two, who have been extremely vocal about their decision to be amicable and co-parent their three children together, were meeting with the counselor to discuss their divorce process.

That’s right. What you’ve got here is a classic case of conscious uncoupling. Though the couple is no longer living together, Ben moved along with Jen to Atlanta for the summer. He was on Mr. Mom duty while she shot her latest feature, ‘Miracles From Heaven’.

While in Atlanta, the family was spotted out together often, at farmers markets and amusement parks. It’s awesome that whatever might have gone wrong for Ben and Jen personally that they are setting set a great example for their kids by working together as a team. Keep up the good work, guys!

(Photos: WENN.com)

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