Are Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner getting a divorce?

Ben n JEN

Ben and Jen are one of Hollywood’s most elite, A-list couples. They’ve been married for nearly a decade, have 3 children together, and seem to live a happy, down-to-earth lifestyle. However, recently, reports began surfacing that the couple’s marriage could be on the rocks.

Much of this “evidence” was a result of the clever detective work of The National Enquirer and Radar Online, so keep that in mind….

Reason #1: The couple have not been seen together in over a month.
Ben and Jen are often photographed together at red carpet events, the grocery store, and their children’s school. Going over a month without being seen together has raised a red flag.

Reason #2: Ben was seen without his wedding ring while alone on a retreat in Canada.
Happily married people take off their wedding ring all the time and for any number of reasons, so it’s not a sure-fire way to detect trouble within a marriage. However, it’s not a good sign when a married person who typically always wears their wedding ring is suddenly seen without it while on a vacation alone.

Reason #3: Ben and Jen were apart for her birthday.
This ties in with reason #2. Affleck was in Canada alone while Jennifer celebrated her birthday without him. According to reports, he was visiting a Buddhist monastery to “get his head straight” after arguing with Jen. Sounds a bit fishy to me, but weirder things have happened.

Reason#4: Ben spent Mother’s Day with his brother and their mother while Jen spent the day celebrating with her kids and parents.
Is spending Mother’s Day apart a reason to assume there’s trouble in paradise for Bennifer?


Jen and Ben


According to these reports, Ben wants to announce the separation before their 10 year anniversary on June 29. If the split goes through, it could be a $150 million dollar divorce.

It seems that the “reasons” for the possible split could all be easily explained. But you know what they say: where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Do you think the Afflecks are heading for splitsville or is the media making something out of nothing?