Penn Badgley reportedly broke up with Zoe Kravitz because he couldn’t handle her bisexuality

Zoe Kravitz Bisexual

Penn Badgley is back to being a Lonely Boy after breaking off his two-year-long relationship with Zoe Kravitz. According to a new report in the print edition of Star Magazine, Penn was simply unable to accept his girlfriend entertained the idea of other girlfriends.

“While the couple appears to have parted on amicable terms, Star has learned that the real reason the two split was because Penn, 26, had difficulties accepting 24-year-old Zoe’s bisexuality.”

The young stars already took the leap and moved in together, so deciding to part ways must have been a difficult decision.

“The more time they spent together, the more they realized it was never going to work,” an insider revealed to Star.

Cohabitation can put a strain on any relationship, but the friend confirmed the real problem was Penn’s discomfort with Zoe’s sexuality.

“All of Zoe’s friends know she is into women too. Penn just couldn’t wrap his head around it, and it became a real issue for them.”

It seems like Zoe got the short end of the stick in this breakup… But, fortunately for her, there are double the options in the dating market!

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