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Below Deck Sailing Yacht chef Marcos Spaziani food truck ML Eats in Los Angeles California

Below Deck: Sailing Yacht Season 3 chef Marcos Spaziani has quite the story! He was born in Venezuela and eventually became a chef for the president, who was a dictator. Marcos would later leave the country as a refugee, explaining to chief engineer Colin MacRae that he feared for his life.

Marcos relocated to the United States roughly 15 years ago, where his culinary career eventually led him to the sea. “I got my first yachting gig 12 years ago,” Marcos says in his Episode 1 intro clip. “Now, I live in L.A. and I run a food truck with my business partner, Louis.”

However, Marcos not only runs a food truck, he also has two restaurants with three locations!

Below Deck Chef Marcos’ Food Truck

Just as Marcos says on the show, he runs a food truck with his business partner, and fellow chef, Louis Huh. Marcos and Louis met while both worked for Taste in Los Angeles. Marcos was a corporate chef, and Louis was executive chef.

After enjoying their time working together, Marcos and Louis decided to branch out on their own. The result was ML Eats, which isn’t just a food truck. They also offer restaurant consulting, events & catering, and private chef events.

ML Eats boasts a menu described as “From The Roots.” The term was inspired by the blended styles of the two chefs, which includes Marcos’ Italian background and Louis’ Korean background.

“ML Eats comprises of cuisine that are from the chefs’ roots, but with a modern twist,” reads the “Our Story” section of the ML Eats website. “Their dishes comprise of ingredients the chefs grew up with. Their creations are truly a fusion of dishes and cultures from Korea, Venezuela, Italia, and America.”

To find out more about ML Eats, including a phone number and calendar of events, be sure to check out! You can also keep up via Instagram @mleatsla.

Chef Marcos Spaziani’s Restaurant The Burrow

The Burrow bar & kitchen in downtown Los Angeles is a hidden gem located in an underground cozy bar setting beneath the O Hotel. This hideaway offers signature craft cocktails alongside a curated selection of beer and wine, paired with light and tasty tapas such as arepas, k-pop chickarones to cheese plates. Located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

Chefs/Owners Marcos Spaziani and Louis Huh take realm of the Burrow, bringing DTLA delicious fusion tapas. Marcos Spaziani is the new chef of Below Deck Sailing, a popular show on Bravo and NBC. He showcases what he can do outside of a slanted [sic] boat!

It’s truly humbling coming to this point after starting a food truck, ML Eats. We can’t wait to meet all our patrons!


Chef Marcos’ Marlou DTLA Restaurant

Marlous DTLA just opened in the past few weeks, and it’s already getting rave reviews! According to an article from, Carlos and Louis plan on opening another location in Koreatown:

Chefs Louis Huh and Marcos Spaziani are two names to watch around Los Angeles. The pair previously teamed up to run ML Eats as a food truck and pop-up, but now they’re expanding into the brick and mortar restaurant space — and fast. First up is a takeover of the restaurant inside the O Hotel at 821 S. Flower Street, called the Burrow, with a focus on fan-favorite comfort food from tacos and burgers to truffle bacon mac and cheese. Next up from Huh and Spaziani (with partner Peter Kim of Caffe Concerto) is Marlou, a more upscale brunch, lunch, and dinner destination with locations in Koreatown and Downtown. It’s also worth noting that Spaziani is the new chef for Bravo’s Below Deck Sailing Yacht reality show. Take a peek inside Downtown’s Marlou below.


If you don’t live near Los Angeles, you can at least see more of chef Marcos’ culinary creations by tuning in for new episodes of Below Deck: Sailing Yacht airing Monday nights at 8/7c on Bravo!

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