RHOSLC Mary Cosby allegedly had an affair with Cameron, the deceased man who mortgaged his house to give money to her church

During the second part of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 2 reunion, more details about the relationship between Mary Cosby and a now-deceased whistleblower came to light.

Did Cameron Williams and Mary Cosby have an affair?

Before his death, Whitney Rose contacted Cameron Williams, who appeared on the show speaking out against Mary, asking him to clarify some things because some things she had heard were weighing heavy on her heart. She says he told her via text that he was ready to come out about Mary.

Whitney says Cameron told her that “Mary’s congregation definitely believes that she’s God . . . he told me that he had a relationship with her.”

Andy asked, “You believe they were having an affair?”

“Yeah,” Whitney says. She went on to clarify that Cameron’s affair with Mary occurred when he was young and “he felt he was taken advantage of.”

Lisa Barlow added that “Cameron was engaged to India,” which implies that when he died he had been engage to someone, and had not cheated on her with Marcy since the affair with Mary had been in the past.

How much money did Cameron Williams give Mary after he mortgaged his house?

Originally Lisa Barlow claimed that Cameron mortgaged his house so he could give Mary $300,000. She has backtracked on this amount at the reunion by saying she thought she got the numbers wrong. Meredith went on to say that Lisa told her off-camera that the amount he gave Mary was “about 10%” of $300,000. She said Mary told her the same thing.

Although $300,000 and $30,000 are vastly different, what doesn’t seem to be up for debate is the fact that Cameron mortgaged his house and gave Mary a large portion of the money he got from that loan. Before he died, he felt he had been taken advantage of by her. A lot of what he said on television was vague, but he issued a warning to Meredith to “be careful.” Lisa Barlow has said that Cameron experience “religious trauma” from being involved in Mary’s church.

How did Cameron Williams die?

Lisa Barlow said that Cameron, who had been a friend of hers for five years, died of a brain tumor. He had had a successful surgery, but ultimately the disease took his life.

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