Ashley Marti joins OnlyFans, was she a cam girl before Below Deck Sailing Yacht?

Is cam girl jackie_xoxo1 Ashley Marti from Below Deck Sailing Yacht?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht third stew Ashley Marti is becoming a professional naughty yachtie hottie! And I don’t mean that she’s returning to her former career as a bottle girl.

Ashley, who is obviously not lacking in self confidence and is very comfortable with her own sexuality, announced a few weeks ago that she is offering paid adult content on the popular website OnlyFans. But, is this Ashley’s first foray into adult entertainment?

Ashley Marti joins OnlyFans

First, let’s tackle Ashley Marti joining OnlyFans. She made the announcement on social media at the end of March, and had to follow up a few days later to assure her followers that it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke.

Ashley’s ID on the site is @eatin_ash and here is how her current profile page reads:

What you’ve all been waiting for… Subscribe for exclusive content, don’t miss out 😇

Messages with tips will get responses.

Check out my amazon wishlist and let me know if there’s any themed content you want to see, I’ll add to my wishlist for you and use whatever you purchase in my videos/pics

Ashley’s Amazon wishlist features a wide array of items including shoes, underwear, sex toys, a Supergirl costume, and every stew’s favorite thing: a washing machine. I will confess that I am tempted to buy her the washing machine just to see the content she makes with it!

If you’re thinking that you may be interested in being one of Ashley’s OnlyFans charter guests, the current pricing is $20 per month. However, you can get a discount if you sign up for a longer charter. 3 months gets you 10% off for a total of $54. A year will get you 15% off for a total of $204. The site says she has 1,600 fans at the time of this post.

As far as what kind of content Ashley posts on her account, it appears to be entirely solo at this point. That being said, Ashley is more than willing to use numerous non-cognizant friends in her clips, if you catch my drift. I find it hard (heh heh) to imagine that Ashley won’t eventually add content with either another woman or a man — or both. Time will tell.

On a side note, if you are curious whether or not Ashley Marti has breast implants, that DOES NOT appear to be the case. (Cue: Seinfeld “spectacular” gif.)

Was Ashley Marti a cam girl before Below Deck?

After the cast of the current season of Below Deck Sailing Yacht was announced, redditors on a subreddit dedicated to posting photos and videos of the women on the show uncovered what appears to be Ashley Marti’s cam girl profile.

The account was under the name jackie_xoxo1 on at least one site. There are multiple videos of jackie_xoxo1 that are still available online that were originally posted more than 22 months ago. In the clips, she is wearing an orange latex-ish swimsuit with rivets.

Here is a screen shot from the SFW clip of jackie_xoxo1:

jackie xoxo1 video

It certainly does look like Ashley, and jackie_xoxo1 has very similar, um, above deck assets. The longer clip includes audio of the woman talking to viewers, and the voice matches Ashley’s as well. Another match is the kind of things jackie_xoxo1 says.

At one point, jackie_xoxo1 reveals that she once wanted to go to culinary school, but eventually chose something else. After boasting about her cooking skills, and talking about potentially making some sexy cooking videos, jackie_xoxo1 takes a moment to appreciate herself. “I am, like, the perfect woman, but boys are dumb,” she says.

jackie_xoxo1 also says several times that she reserves the more risque content for those who message her privately.

In addition to the evidence above, there are many more similarities between jackie_xoxo1 and Ashley. Here are just a few that I found:

The women have matching moles and/or freckles. Side-by-side examples:
jackie xoxo1 and Ashley Marti freckles and moles

jackie_xoxo1’s cam girl profile uses a photo of Ashley, as evidenced by the little starburst tattoo on her side:

Jackie xoxo1 cam girl profile with Ashley Marti profile photo

The apartment and white couch (with a multi-panel mirror behind it) in jackie_xoxo1’s videos look a lot like the background in a photo posted by Ashley on Instagram in June of 2020:

Is Ashley Marti cam girl jackie_xoxo1?

And how about a matching bracelet and drink of choice?

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Ashley Marti cam girl evidence

It’s also possible to find similarities between not SFW videos/images, but I can’t really do that here. It’s super easy to go make it rain on Ashley’s OF and do the research yourself, though.

Meanwhile, everyone can continue to see Ashley, sometimes barely SFW, with new episodes of Below Deck Sailing Yacht airing Monday nights at 8/7c on Bravo! Who knows? Perhaps a clip of jackie_xoxo1 will come to the attention of the crew this season. That sure seems like a great (and very possible) story line!

If you’re wanting to chat about the Ashley and jackie_xoxo1 connection, hop on over to our Instagram and join the conversation:

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