VIDEO Snooki’s publicist vs. Bill O’Reilly’s producer

This video contains one of the strangest sort-of celebrity showdowns ever recorded.  The clip comes to us courtesy of The O’Reilly Factor from Fox News.  You have the two celebs in their natural environments, Bill O’Reilly on the set of his show, and Snooki out somewhere hounded by paparazzi selling something.

All of this seems par for the course until O’Reilly attempts to have one of his producers speak with Snooki during a book signing.  The producer gets headed off at the pass by Snooki’s publicist and you get an in front of the camera look at how behind the camera deals get done.

This video is kind of an ode to the middle men and women of the world.  These are strange media times we live in and this clip goes a long way to demonstrate just that.  I’m actually kind of with Team Snooki on this one, she was just trying to sell a few books and Team O’Reilly wasn’t officially invited.

Alas, the only way for this all to find a conclusion is for Bill and Nicole to sit down face to face over a few mixed drinks on the shore and see what happens.  I bet ya’ Nicole would totally friggin’ hit that!

Top Photo: Carrie Devorah / Mr Blue