Bayou Billionaires’ Albert Harris mug shot photo from 1998 meth arrest

Bayou Billionaires Albert Harris Chantel Dowden and her son Ivan

CMT’s breakout reality hit Bayou Billionaires is back for a second season as the lovable Dowden family continues to spend their “mailbox money” (obtained from natural gas deposits under their property) in their own unique way. In a cast chock full of charismatic eccentrics, none are more charismatic or more eccentric than Albert Harris, the live-in boyfriend of Gerald and Kitten‘s daughter Chantel.

The multi-aliased mush-mouthed Albert is a jack of many trades, including musician, catfish herder, sculptor, and honorary X-Files agent. Something else you can add to his extensive resume? Yes, amateur taxidermist. But what else? (I know, the title of this post and the ability to reason probably gave it away.) A drug conviction!

Bayou Billionaires Karl Albert Harris mug shot photo for 1998 meth arrest

The above mug shot photo of Bayou Billionaire‘s Karl Albert Harris was taken in 1998 after he was arrested for possession of methamphetamine outside a casino in Riverside, Missouri. Reality Weekly reports, “Security at Argosy Casino Hotel & Spa called the cops, saying there was a suspicious-acting character (indeed) hanging about outside. When cops came, they discovered Albert had an outstanding traffic warrant for his arrest. While searching the ‘jittery suspect,’ police say they found a bump in the elastic waistband of his sweatpants.”

After trying to play it down initially, Albert eventually fessed up. “Yes. It’s meth. man,” he told police on the scene.

Albert was charged with possession of a controlled substance. He pleaded guilty to the charges and received a suspended sentence, but not until after he served 21 days behind bars. Court records indicate he served three years of parole and attended a court-mandated drug rehab program.

It was not long after getting out of rehab that Albert met Chantel Dowden, who he fell in love with “after about 20 minutes of looking at her.” “Albert has gotten his life back on track, thanks to Chantel and her family,” a source revealed to Reality Weekly.

You can keep up with all of Albert’s “on track” antics on Bayou Billionaires each and every Saturday night at 10/9c on CMT!