Jersey Shore’s Deena Cortese goes for the Mug Shot Hall of Fame!

Jersey Shore Deena Cortese Mug Shot

There are many wonderful gifts to be thankful for from our guidos and guidettes of Jersey Shore and this latest hall-of-fame worthy mug shot of Deena Cortese is no different! You can click on the image to gaze deeper in to Deena’s eyes.

Cortese got canned after cops saw her roaming the streets of Seaside Heights looking rather inebriated while dancing and slapping cars randomly for no reason. For the rest of us it’s called a drunken walk of shame, for the denizens of JS it’s a walk of fame!

Don’t think this brought our girl down as she was photographed after all of this mess walking out of a liquor store with her pal Sammi toting a friggin’ box of booze!

Have a safe weekend ya’ll!