Basketball Wives Season 6 spoilers: Feuds & fights forthcoming for the full cast

Basketball Wives Season 6 spoilers 3

A brand-new and totally revamped season of BBWLA goodness is almost upon us, which means it’s time for a steady stream of Basketball Wives Season 6 spoilers to start leaking out from the main cast. So far, VH1 has had Tami Roman and Jackie Christie making the publicity rounds to push the latest incarnation of the show, which features no fewer than five brand new cast members. Among the highlights there are Dwyane Wade’s baby mama Aja Metoyer, who was long-rumored to be banned from participating on the show by order of Gabrielle Union (and Aja’s paternity agreement with D-Wade).

Aja’s sisters Melissa and Cristen are also set to join the main cast, and we already know that the friction between Cristen and Jackie will likely be a main storyline for Season 6. When Jackie was asked for a single word to describe Cristen during an interview last week, the first to come to mind was “liar.” But, after a moment, Jackie reconsidered–and doubled down. “No, wait,” she said: “Super liar.”

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Additionally, a new article from The Jasmine Brand suggests that, despite the fact that they’re doing press together, all is not well between Jackie and Tami. According to their story, when the two were asked how they managed to maintain a relationship amid a non-stop stream of reality TV drama, Tami shot straight: “We were good until this season,” she said.

Jackie added “I think we have to have a mutual respect,” suggesting that the two might have a strictly professional relationship, if not a personal one. Elsewhere in the interview, Tami sounds almost fed up with her time on Basketball Wives: “I was done with [the show],” she confessed. “And then Shaunie [O’Neal] asked” her to return.

“You know I start off with the very best intentions,” Tami went on. “And I’m always thinking, ‘Tami, you know, you’re not getting involved in any drama. You’re just going to be kumbaya and let’s love each other.’ Then the person shows up, they say something, and it all goes left.”

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Finally, a recent dispatch from the reliable gossip-slingers at BBBWLA News would seem to suggest that Jackie will be at the center of a whole lot of fighting this year. Their sources indicate that viewers should expect full-on brawling and / or extended feuds between Jackie and Cristen (as mentioned above); the recently returned Evelyn Lozada; and Bonnie-Jill Laflin, another new addition to the cast.

BBWLA News further reports that we’ll see a sister-on-sister battle between Aja and Cristen (it sounds like Cristen’s first season on the show is a busy one), and a long-awaited showdown between Tami and Evelyn.

We don’t have long to wait for the drama to begin: Basketball Wives Season 6 premieres Monday, April 10th, with a one-off special entitled Showdown.

(Photo credits: Basketball Wives Season 6 spoilers via Instagram)

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