Is Vienna Girardi dating Kasey Kahl!?!

Kasey Kahl Vienna Girardi

Before I even get too far into this match made in Bachelor / Bachelorette hell I must state for the record that the source on this bad rascal is Star Magazine. This very well could not be true but just the fact that I have to even consider it is boggling my Bachelor lovin’ brain!

The tabloid has connected the dots in a seemingly too-wild-to-not-be-true rumor that Vienna Girardi has hooked up with Kasey Kahl. You probably remember Vienna but if you’re forgetting our man Kasey Kahl he’s the dude who went a little over-the-top in his pursuit of Bachelorette Ali Fedotowski.  When I say over-the-top, we’re talking about tears and Ali dedicated tattoos kept a secret from other beaus in the Bachelorette house.

The source with Star says the two were hanging at a Super Bowl party at Sharkeez Bar in Manhattan Beach, CA.

“They were there for the Super Bowl but their eyes were hardly on the TV. They kept stealing kisses and were holding hands,” says the onlooker. “It seemed like much more than a one-night fling.”

With a little brief follow up via Vienna’s Twitter account it looks like she is already kind of dismissing the report.  A Jenni505 sent Vienna a tweet about the report and here’s how Girardi responded:

Well “jumping to conclusions” isn’t a flat out denial.  Hmmmmmm.