Austin Forsyth calls Joy-Anna Duggar ‘dirty girl’ after her short haircut

Joy-Anna Duggar may not wear pants as often as her sisters, but she is breaking the Duggar rules in her own way.

Recently the star of the cancelled reality series Counting On documented getting an uncharacteristically short haircut.
Her husband Austin Forsyth had mixed reactions, calling her “dirty girl” while expressing disapproval of the change.

I chopped off my hair

On their joint YouTube channel “FollowtheForsyths” Joy-Anna showed us hidden camera footage of her husband seeing her new haircut for the first time. Posted on November 25th, the Duggar captioned her video “I CHOPPED OFF MY HAIR!”

Why did Joy-Anna cut her hair?

We learn the back story of Joy-Anna’s haircut in the beginning of her video. The mom of two with one on the way never gets her hair done and wants to shorten it to “armpit” length and “add some highlights.”

The pregnant reality star expressed her excitement for the change, which she had to get a babysitter in order to accomplish.

Austin’s reaction

When Austin is about to get home, Joy-Joy sets a camera up in a hidden location to capture her husbands unedited reaction.
Those who have been skeptical of Austin Forsyth in the past will find his comments on the Duggar’s hair expectedly cringe.

Forsyth initially grumbles “I don’t hate it” followed by saying he “thinks it should be a little longer.” He even goes as far as to point out on her back the length he finds more appropriate.

It’s quite obvious that Austin doesn’t approve, barely hiding his distaste for the drastic change.

Duggar Hot Mic Moment

Before noticing the camera was on him, the married couple have a more playful moment that this time is anything but expected.

In the only portion of the video that isn’t closed captioned, you can hear Forsyth call Duggar a “dirty girl” after she teases him by poking the sides of his stomach.

We learned that Austin much prefers his wife with longer hair, but it doesn’t look like it’s holding him back from flirting.

Bill Gothard’s views on long hair for women

Austin’s issue with Joy-Anna’s hair being short may have deep religious implications. As fans of the series 19 Kids and Counting will remember, a lot of emphasis was placed on the Duggar girls’ long springy curls.

The reason for this hairstyle comes with a dark past. Leader of the Duggar’s homeschool program Advanced Training Institute, Bill Gothard, was known for preferring the young women around him to have this certain hairstyle.

After being accused of sexual misconduct, Goatherd admitted he “overemphasized” the importance of the look due to “his own preferences.”

Those who have separated from the fundamentalist movement are recognizing it now as oppressive and sexist, so because Austin prefers long hair it’s likely he hasn’t strayed too far from his World’s Strictest Parents upbringing.

Fans Support Joy-Anna

Fans of Joy-Anna Duggar are coming to her support after her husband Austin Forsyth killed her excitement over her fresh new haircut.
Quotes from the comments section on YouTube include:

Honestly, my heart hurt for Joy in this video. Her hair looks fantastic and she looks beautiful and she really deserved a kinder reaction.


“I don’t hate it” is not a compliment. Yours is the only opinion that matters.

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