Brown family remains banned from Bobbi Kristina hospice

Bobby Brown and daughter Bobbi Kristina together


The entire Brown family–with the sole exception of father Bobby–remains banned from the Bobbi Kristina hospice, in light of the Bobbi Kristina deathbed photo controversy.

The Brown family was banned from the facility earlier this week, by special order of the conservator of Bobbi Kristina’s estate. Bedelia Hargrove was given control of Bobbi Kristina’s finances earlier this year, after a judge found the Brown and Houston families unable to come to an agreement on how to administer them.

In her hospice decision, Hargrove sided with the Houston family’s claims that the Brown family was too much of a distraction, after a member of that family shipped the Bobbi Kristina deathbed photo to tabloids last week.

According to a source close to both parties, the hospice’s wishes were in line with the Houstons’:


The hospice, based on their discussion with the fiduciary, has decided that only the guardians and the caregivers are allowed….Pat [Houston], Bobby, and anybody involved with the guardianship, including Cissy [are the only ones allowed to visit].


Last week, Bobby Brown was asked about the photo. The only thing he said was “We’re just looking to get justice.”

An unspecified Brown family member snapped the photo during the first week of the Bobbi Kristina hospice ordeal. The family member then told tabloids and assorted media outlets that the asking price for the picture was $100,000.

Today marks the end of Bobbi Kristina’s second week at the Peachtree Christian Hospice. She was moved into the facility on Wednesday, June 24th.


(Photo credits: Bobbi Kristina hospice via WENN; Bobbi Kristina via Instagram)

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