AUDIO Leah Calvert’s sister on how cheating rumors started, if Jeremy Calvert is filing for divorce

Victoria Messer - Leah Calvert

Although it seems MTV has ordered Teen Mom 2‘s Leah Calvert and Jeremy Calvert to stop talking about their relationship, Leah’s sister, Victoria Messer, was ready to dish all the details on an Internet talk show this weekend.

In a series of tweets last Friday, Jeremy accused Leah of cheating on him with Robbie Kidd, the same man she slept with the week before her wedding to Corey. Victoria quickly fired back at Jeremy by claiming he made the story up to get sympathy. She also said he’s wanted out of his marriage from Leah for a while. But, by the time she spoke with West Virginia-based “4 S**ts and Giggles” podcast on Saturday, Victoria seemed to have changed her story.

“They’re trying to work it out, just like any other married couple,” Victoria said. (The radio hosts mentioned they talked with Leah and implied she told Victoria what to say.) “I talked to Jeremy last night and he told me, ‘I love Leah and I love the kids. I did post stuff on Twitter but I was upset.’”

Victoria also explained in detail how the whole situation came to be.

“Robbie got himself into some trouble. He was going through a lot of stuff,” she said of Leah’s ex-boyfriend from high school, referencing his recent charges for trespassing, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription and resisting arrest. “His family reached out to my sister. Just as a friend, nothing more. She did talk to him a couple of times, but it wasn’t anything as what people are portraying it to be. She was just trying to be a friend and help him to where he could get back up again. He needed someone to be there. He didn’t have anybody else.”

Victoria said the families were still in touch because Robbie’s sister is married to one of Leah’s cousins. She added that Robbie and her brother, Isaac Messer (a soon-to-be teen dad), are also good friends.

Robbie Kidd Now 2014 - Baby Daughter
Robbie Kidd and his baby daughter in April.

“My brother let him stay with him and my brother had allowed him to drive my sister’s car one time,” Victoria said, explaining Robbie needed a place to live in order to see his baby daughter. “My brother at the time was using my sister’s extra car. Well, I guess people had seen him and people started rumors and stuff started to blow up.”

To make the situation even more complicated, apparently Leah and Robbie slept in the same house after her uncle’s funeral earlier this month… But Victoria was adamant that no “sexual intentions have happened” between her sister and Robbie during Leah’s marriage to Jeremy. Robbie also told Radar Online today that “nothing has happened” between him and Leah and said he’s dealing with his own family issues.

Victoria Messer - Jeremy Calvert
Victoria and Jeremy in April.

Victoria admitted Leah’s track record doesn’t really inspire confidence in her ability to remain loyal, but said Leah and Jeremy’s situation is different than Leah and Corey’s was during their marriage.

“I understand they have a past, especially with everything that happened with Leah and Corey. Everyone already knows what happened there. But the difference is that Corey wasn’t showing my sister affection… Mentally, physically, sexually, he wasn’t there. At the time, Robbie was there for her. But with her and Jeremy’s situation, Jeremy takes care of his family,” Victoria said, although she later added that Jeremy is only home on Saturday nights and recently tried to stay away even longer than that. “The situation between her and Corey and her and Jeremy are totally different… Just because it happened once does not mean it happened again. She would never.”

Still, Jeremy thought the worst when one of his friends told him about the rumors. Victoria said Leah and Jeremy have since talked things through a bit more — but other reliable sources tell The Ashley’s Reality Roundup that Jeremy definitely still plans to file for divorce. What’s more, his Facebook relationship status remains “divorced” and he unfollowed Leah’s official Twitter account. It seems he also spent his one day home from work at the tattoo parlor.

h/t to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup for finding the interview.

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