Bobbi Kristina wrongful death lawsuit: Bobby Brown breaks down in tears as Nick Gordon ordered to pay $35 million

Nick Gordon and Bobbi Kristina Brown

The Bobbi Kristina wrongful death lawsuit came to a close this week, as a Fulton County judge ordered ex-boyfriend Nick Gordon to pay the Brown and Houston families the $36 million they sought in their civil suit. Judge T. Jackson Bedford had already declared Gordon legally responsible for Bobbi Kristina’s death this past September, and cited his repeated refusal to appear in court as the reason. According to the rules of the Fulton County Superior Court, a defendant who twice fails to appear in court is guilty by omisson: “Because Gordon has failed to appear twice,” Judge Bedford said, on September 16, “anything alleged by the plaintiff is admitted through omission.”

Bobbi Kristina’s family had accused Nick Gordon of contributing to the 22-year-old’s death via neglect and abuse. The family also accused Gordon of manipulating Bobbi Kristina’s finances, lying about being married to her, and contributing to her drug abuse. No criminal case has yet been brought against Gordon, though it’s believed that law enforcement officials may still be investigating Bobbi Kristina’s 2015 death.

According to VH1, Gordon owes “$15 million for loss of life, $1.5 million for conversion (a.k.a. stealing assets), $13 million for pain and suffering, [and] $1.3 million for assault / battery and medical damages.” Additionally, Gordon has been ordered to pay “an additional $4.2 million” because he was under the influence at the time of the Bobbi Kristina bathtub incident.

After the judge read his verdict, a tearful Bobby Brown issued a statement through his attorneys, and later tweeted out the statement himself:

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