VIDEO Moniece Slaughter and Alexis Skyy fight in the streets for LHHH Season 4

Moniece Slaughter and Alexis Skyy fight 2

According to a new report, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood fans are about to get all the drama they can handle with new cast member Alexis Skyy. Fetty’s former sextape fling joined the cast for Season 4 ostensibly to further her music career, although recent spoilers from on set involve a romantic liaison with her producer Solo Lucci. But it sounds like last night there was an actual Moniece Slaughter and Alexis Skyy fight–as in a fist fight between the two women, in the middle of the street in downtown LA.

Fameolous was the first on the scene with the details. Their take suggests that Alexis got the bad blood broiling with the following video, which she shared hours before the fistfight went down. Alexis was already feuding hard with Masika Kalysha after her response to the Xanax allegations involving Masika’s daughter Khari (click here for the full report on those allegations).

Then, Alexis shared her location on Instagram–and Moniece, who had seen the above clip, came calling. Although Alexis would later say that she won the fight, apparently that’s a lie: the report states that “Moniece Slaughter pulled her out the car and caught her with a few punches and snatched away her wig before Alexis’ guy friend started beating on Moniece.”

Said Moniece in a DM exchange, “I TOOK HER WIG AND HER SOUL. THAT’S THAT.”

Unfortunately for LHHH viewers, it sounds like there were no cameras present. Moniece claimed that she came out of nowhere and the whole scene unfolded way too quickly for a camera crew to get set up. But it wouldn’t be surprising to see a cell phone video or two pop up in the aftermath and that footage to feature on the show, as a way of further explaining what’s going on between Alexis and Moniece (and, by extension, Nia and Masika). Devoteés will recall that LHHATL producers did the same thing for Season 6 after Tommie and Joseline got into a fight last year, before filming for Season 6 had begun.

After the physical Moniece Slaughter and Alexis Sky fight had ended, Moniece kept up the shade on Twitter…

…while Alexis tried to keep things cool on Instagram:

When they all hating and you just sitting in @stasithebrand shades ??????

A post shared by Alexis Skyy ?? (@alexisskyy_) on

But that wasn’t the only way the women chose to share their sides of the story. Moniece uploaded a brief clip to Snapchat in which she showed off her post-fight face:

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood–presumably featuring actual footage of the Moniece Slaughter and Alexis Skyy fight–will debut Season 4 on Monday, July 17th.

(Photo credits: Moniece Slaughter and Alexis Skyy fight via Instagram; h/t to Fameolous)

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