PHOTO Kendall Jenner escalates feud with Kylie by posting vulgar birthday wish for Tyga

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The Kendall Jenner feud with little sister Kylie has only gotten worse this week–and for a very specific reason. It wass 18-year-old Kylie’s boyfriend Tyga’s 26th birthday yesterday, and, amid reports that Kylie has been begging Kendall to attend the occasional rapper’s blowout birthday bash, Kendall decided to celebrate her own way.

First, though, a bit of background on Kendall and Kylie’s escalating feud. A few weeks ago, we saw footage of a pained Kendall begging her sister not to bring Tyga on a family vacation, telling her that Tyga “ruins the sister vibe.” Following that report came the news that Kylie was so jealous of her sister’s role as a new Victoria’s Secret angel that she refused to attend Kendall’s catwalk debut. Finally, in the wake of last week’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians premiere, we got footage of Kendall storming out of Kylie’s house, calling her a “c*nt” and “the biggest b!tch” when Kylie refused to share a dress.

So: knowing all of that, how did Kendall Jenner celebrate Tyga’s 26th birthday? Here’s a tastefully censored version of the photo she uploaded to Instagram in honor of the occasion:

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(Unfortunately, we can’t show the uncensored version. However, if you’d like to see exactly what makes this particular Kendall Jenner feud photo vulgar, feel free to visit Kendall’s Instagram page.)

The photo has nearly 900,000 likes in under 24 hours–along with a whole lot of attention. Neither Kylie nor Tyga have offered an official rebuttal, though Kylie did tweet out a bit of promotion for she and Kendall’s joint clothing endeavor shortly after Kendall’s photo went live. And Tyga celebrated in Tyga fashion: with a song about himself called “Happy Birthday.”


(Photo credits: Kendall Jenner feud via Instagram)

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