Will there be a Billion Dollar Wreck Season 2? Martin Bayerle gives fans hope, preps for new dive

Billion Dollar Wreck Season 2

Fans of Captain Martin Bayerle’s exploratory ways are chomping at the bit for Billion Dollar Wreck Season 2, but, so far, History has yet to make their wishes come true. Despite that, high fan interest and the promise of unfinished business mean it’s highly likely we’ll see a second round of episodes, and Martin Bayerle himself recently addressed speculation with an optimistic social media update.

Indeed, that update piggybacked an earlier bit of news from the Captain: namely, that he intends to go forward with a new series of dives as soon as possible, and has even teamed with noted submariners Ultra Deep Subsea to supply the next round of ROVs. Given Bayerle’s aggressive timetable, it seems reasonable to assume that there might be a camera or two around the man’s salvage crew when it does descend.

To that end, here’s one of Martin’s two particularly noteworthy summer updates, which he shared on his Facebook page:

I’ve received this question a lot, “Will there be a Season 2 for B$W?” There seems to be an audience push. Certainly everyone wants to see us recover Republic’s passenger valuables, ship’s artifacts and vast treasure – and to both expose and make very-real history. As reported on various sites on the Net, A&E and History Channel have yet to make a decision to either renew or cancel Billion Dollar Wreck. But, whatever decision they make will NOT affect our continued operations. Media exposure has always been a part of our plan as a prelude to marketing RMSR’s cargoes. So, you’ll be able to follow the events through one, a few, or many media outlets. Thanx for watching.

Additionally, Bayerle shared UDS’ update regarding the Republic, and predicted a late 2016 launch. “We will be using one of our new vessels delivered in 2016 Q4 for this high profile Salvage,” the company reported, adding “We estimate for the complete salvage it will take 3 to 5 months.”

Finally, Martin also let fans know that he’s got some extra help these days–four hands’ worth of help, to be exact:

While we continue to wait for official news regarding Billion Dollar Wreck Season 2, you can catch up with the first season by streaming any and all episodes here, courtesy of History.

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(Photo credits: Billion Dollar Wreck Season 2 via Martin Bayerle on Facebook)

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