Is Breaking Amish’s Kate Stoltzfus a lesbian?

Breaking Amish Kate Stoltfus lesbian date with Violetta

Tonight’s episode of Breaking Amish: Brave New World was big for model Kate Stoltzfus. She helped Abe’s sister Katie Ann get an Amish-to-English makeover, stood up to Rebecca and Abe when they got an attitude about it, and went on a Valentine’s date with a girl on television.

While Kate denied that she and Violetta (sp?) were flirting on their date, she definitely seemed smitten. They were holding hands, dancing, and ended up at the club making out. But still, Kate denies that she’s a lesbian. “People can think what they want, I’m not a lesbian.” Maybe she’s bisexual.

Whether or not it’s truly romantic, Kate definitely at least has a girl crush! “Violetta is the best thing I’ve had happen to me since I was in Sarasota,” Kate says excitedly. “She is the bomb!”

Kate was seen kissing Violetta (and at least one other girl as well) at a club, and the two even did a bit of awkward grinding at one point. Plus, as many fans pointed out when speculating over the mystery shocking video of Kate was first mentioned in the episode last week, Kate never has really shown much interest in any men on the show. So it at least seems that Kate and the producers want us to think she’s gay! Which obviously would not have been an option if she were still in the Amish community.

Kate explains that being gay simply isn’t accepted by the Amish, but neither is being a model and dressing in “English” clothes. When her Breaking Amish costars see the video of her kissing girls, they’re a little shocked, but are ultimately accepting of her — whether it’s experimenting or if she is interested in serious relationships with women.

One things for sure, being a model seems to mean Kate gets to experiment with some very attractive young ladies!

Breaking Amish Kate modeling friend Sanika

As fellow TLC star Honey Boo Boo put it “Everybody’s a little gay.”

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17 thoughts on “Is Breaking Amish’s Kate Stoltzfus a lesbian?

    1. She could be questioning her sexuality, or be bi or pan. Experimenting with the same sex doesn’t automatically make you gay.

  1. Lesbian or bi, Kate is the most well adjusted person from the show. It’s not like she’s making out with ponies like Jeremiah.

  2. Just because she was having fun on a ‘girls’ night out, sharing some some kisses doesn’t make her a lesbian, geez people, I mean really, how many times have you partied and did the same thing??? At least Kate can laugh about it! Out of all the rest of the crew, she’s still the only one that shows her compassionate side, whole those two others, mainly Abe & Rebecca, have shown the rest of the world what ‘haters’ they really are. Hateful people! They have the nerve to act as though their past lives before the show, were so pure!

  3. Kate, she’s an awesome beautiful young lady, keeping it real! Just exploring what the rest of the world has to offer! You go girl!!!

  4. Kate is the most mature, compassionate, intelligent person on that show. Who cares what her sexual orientation is?!?! I am just glad she let that ignorant, jealous, vie little hypocrite bitch Rebecca have it. You can sure tell how sheltered and ignorant she and Abe are!!! Jeremiah too. They are so ridiculously cocky and proud to be dumbasses…..very annoying!!!!

  5. She went on a date with some weird guy last season. If I remember correctly, he commented on how thin she is then asked her to guess his weight

    1. While it might’ve been on the script or been told to tease Kate, but most guys would do anything to date a gorgeous model like Kate. She seems down to earth, though not interested in going to clubs.

  6. The whole cast are trying to find themselves. Whatever she finds, I hope she’s happy. She is beautiful.

  7. yea, I figured, the show is scripted. another one of those straight girl at a gay bar. the question is violetta her friend is gay? she’s hot

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