Anna Kendrick belts out the title track from The Last Five Years

"Into the Woods"  New York Premiere

Anna Kendrick can belt it out but good.

Kendrick, or “A-Ken” (as she is increasingly known), has huge roles in two huge musical motion pictures coming out over the next two (ish) months. And, this week, we’re all ears.

First up: The newest trailer for The Last Five Years, a Broadway-based (via Chicago) tale of love lost and regrets grown as one couple falls apart beautifully.

‘Drick’s got a boatload of tunes in this one; there are only two min characters, her Cathy and Jeremy Jordan’s Jamie. (Which sounds like a reality program of some kind.) The trailer shows her at full range:



But, of course, before we get to that, we’ve got to pass…into the woods.

The Sondheim-based Hollywood adaptation is only couple of weeks away from official release, and Kendrick’s role–Cinderella, no big deal–is getting almost attention as Meryl Streep’s Witch.

A-Ken has a few big songs in this one, and a handful of giant ensemble numbers sure to leave someone breathless. “On The Steps of the Palace” is her first big song on the soundtrack; lend it your ears:



Like so many other good presents, Into the Woods drops on Christmas Day. The Last Five Years falls into our laps the day before Valentine’s Day–February 13th, 2015.

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