PHOTOS Tamra Barney’s ex Simon Barney has a new girlfriend!

Simon Barney's new Girlfriend

Last season on The Real Housewives of Orange County we saw Tamra Barney and Simon Barney’s marriage fall apart in a very ugly way and if Simon’s arrest last month for allegedly throwing a plastic dog leash at Tamra is any indication, it appears as though that ugliness lingered for a long time.

But, it looks as though Simon Barney may have followed in Tamra’s footsteps and moved on! (If you might recall, Tamra immediately rebounded with Simon’s friend Eddie Judge, who will be featured on the upcoming season of RHOC)

Does RHOC's Simon Barney have a new girlfriend?

Simon posted the photos in this post on his Facebook account in the album “New Life” and he officially changed his relationship status to “In a Relationship.” It doesn’t get any more official than that! He also added this “in love” status update:

Life’s relationships are like a plug and socket. If you are a certain socket, you will always attract the same plug. If you’re not happy with the connection, change the way your socket is and then you will attract the right plug for you.
I did…….

Yenrab Nomis

The new lady is as yet unidentified (we later found her name is Kay, and a tipster says her full name is Catushia Ienni), but she’s quite the looker! In response to some commenters who were trying to figure out if the woman was perhaps a babysitter or even one of Simon’s children, he responded, “not the Babysitter, not my kid. She is old enough to be their mother. But doesnt look like it. She is my beautiful Girl Friend.”

UPDATE – We now have a name (and more photos) of Simon’s lovely mystery lady!

Good for Simon! Maybe this will help both he and Tamra move on and eliminate some of the dangerous drama negatively affecting their lives over the last couple years. (I know the pictures are blurry, but whoever this mystery woman is she does seem to quite joyful!)

Simon Barney's new mystery girlfriend