PHOTOS Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra get Novalee tattoos

Tyler Baltierra Novalee Batman tattoo

Teen Mom stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra celebrated their newborn daughter Novalee Reign by heading down to Lance Kellar Studios for some new tattoos! Both parents paid tribute to Novalee with their new ink, but the results were COMPLETELY different.

Catelynn looks to have opted for a tattoo of little Novaees footprint on the top of her own foot. Although we have yet to see the final product, Catelynn shared this next photo on Instagram and wrote, “About to start! Novalees little foot:”

Catelynn Lowell Novalee foot tattoo

Meanwhile, Tyler got his new ink on his shoulder (top photo) with a bold tattoo of his favorite comic book superhero Batman that included Novalee’s name on the inside of the cape instead of Batman. “Thanks to @lancekellarstudios I finally got my Novalee tattoo!” Tyler wrote along with the photo. “Thanks guys, it is exactly what I wanted! A representation that I will always protect her.” Tyler then added the hashtag #NovaleeReign

Here is a version of the original Batman logo that inspired Tyler’s tat:

Old Batman logo cape

In case you were wondering, yes, both Tyler and Catelynn also have tattoos for their other daughter Carly. Both have Carly’s name and birthday, Catelynn with Carly’s footprint on her shoulder, and Tyler with Carly’s handprint on his abdomen:

Catelynn Lowell tattoo Carly footprint

Tyler Baltierra Carly handprint tattoo

There’s no word if the MTV cameras were present during the tattooage.

UPDATE – Someone connected with the tattoo studio posted on Facebook earlier today, “MTV is here!” The person then added a smiley face emoji with stars for eyes and wrote, “feeling excited.” So I think we can officially designate this post a possible spoiler. 😉

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