AUDIO Adam Lind’s girlfriend Taylor Halbur IS pregnant, due in August

Teen Mom 2 Adam Lind and girlfriend Taylor Halbur

Rumors have swirled for months that Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska’s ex Adam Lind might soon become a father again with girlfriend Taylor Halburt, but nothing could be confirmed. That changed earlier today when audio of a court hearing for Adam Lind surface online in which his lawyer clearly states that his client is expecting another child.

“He has a three-year-old daughter. He has child support payments to her,” the lawyer said of Aubree, his daughter with Chelsea Houska. “He also has another child on the way in August.”

A short while later, the lawyer indicated that Taylor Halburt was present in the courtroom to support her boyfriend during the hearing.

The lawyer also used the fact that Adam is a father as a reason why the court should be lenient. He said that his client is currently working and up-to-date on child support. He said Adam is also aware of his responsibilities and is committed to serving out his 10-year probationary period.

Adam also briefly remarked in his defense, saying that he foolishly thought he could get away with driving under the influence. He said he now realizes that has to stop… Although it’s unclear whether he is more motivated by his two children or the fact he is potentially facing a felony.

You can hear the complete audio here. (Jump to the 3:56 mark for comments on Adam’s children.)

Although he faced 114 days in jail, Adam was granted a reduced sentence of 90 days with work release during the day.

Taylor, who has attempted to stay out of the spotlight, didn’t seem too pleased with the public revelation. In response to the audio, originally posted on, Taylor tweeted: “um this is highly illegal. Are you kidding me!”

Unfortunately for her, the official audio and transcripts from a public court hearing are legal to distribute. After her initial tweet, she seemed to let the issue slide… She just wasn’t happy about it.

Halbur, April 4: These last couple of days could have been a lot better for me. #frustrated

Adam Lind and Taylor Halbur

As we mentioned above, rumors about Halbur’s pregnancy have been circulating for months. People first started speculating back in January, shortly after Taylor broke up with Adam, when she tweeted about crazy hormones. In the time since then, Taylor has been reluctant to respond to questions on Twitter.

Taylor, March 19: Don’t you people have better things to do with your lives? Focus on your own and stop worrying about mine.

She also exchanged a series of heated tweets with a fan on March 17 in which she defended her right to privacy. Here are some excerpts:

TAYLOR: hahaha you people make me laugh.

TWEETER: oh. sorry. didnt realize something like that was funny. wish u the best though.

TAYLOR: no what’s funny is the crap people make up. U dont no me, my beliefs or my situation. Not trying to be a bitch. But just saying, if u don’t no me personally don’t be going around saying things that u would have no clue about if its true or not. I have been and always will be AGAINST abortion. A child is a blessing no matter the situation. A gift from God. So please stop spreading words that you know nothing about. Thanks

TAYLOR: I don’t think my personal business needs to be put in full blast for your amusement. No idea who you are but seriously stop acting like you know everything about me. Don’t care if you e been to my place of work or not. That doesn’t give you the right to spread things. If you didn’t hear it from me then I wouldn’t be going around talking about things you know nothing about. Common sense dear. Think about your actions.

Adam Lind and his girlfriend Taylor Halbur photo

TAYLOR: ladies I have my reasons for not confirming/denying. When I’m ready to do so I will.

TWEETER: if u were happy or confident in yourself about your situation, u would be more open about it. not embarrassed.

TAYLOR: lol not embarrassed dear. Like I said just not gonna exploit my life for everyone’s entertainment.

TWEETER: i definitely wouldnt consider that ‘exploiting’ at all. most people that r expecting a child r overly happy about it.

TAYLOR: lol well my situation is a little different from everyone else’s now isn’t it. Here you are sticking your nose into my life. Lots of others will too. I don’t need the verification of the public. I’m the happiest I’ve been in my life. That’s all that matters. So I’m gonna stop responding now. Have a nice night dear.

TAYLOR: Some people have too much time on their hands. #stalkinmyshit #getreal #getlost

TAYLOR: Don’t you people have better things to do with your lives? Focus on your own and stop worrying about mine.

Adam Lind girlfriend Taylor Halbur Aubree

Taylor’s not completely averse to making her life public, it seems, because she appeared on Teen Mom 2 last week for a few scenes with Adam. That being said, we have been monitoring this story for some time and did wait until we had confirmation before reporting on it. Taylor seems like a smart and intelligent girl (and Aubree sure seems to like her!), and aside from his propensity for drinking and driving, I suppose it is possible Adam treats her a lot better than how we’ve seen him treat Chelsea over the last few years on Teen Mom 2.

Either way, as Teen Mom 2 appears to be drawing to a close, it’s unlikely that the audience will get to see how this development affects Adam’s rocky relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Chelsea Houska. Perhaps this news will finally help Chelsea move on from Adam once and for all.

On another note, I recently posted on the statistics for recurring pregnancies for teen mothers, but now I’m realizing there didn’t seem to be any figures for teen dads. Adam is the second from Teen Mom 2 to have a second child after Jase’s father Andrew Lewis reportedly had another kid with his current girlfriend (wife?) in Florida.