90 DAY FIANCE Tania Maduro molested multiple times as child, shares tearful #metoo posts, feuds with John Yates

90 Day Fiance Tania Maduro molested as a child

On Sunday night’s episode of 90 Day Fiance, Tania Maduro returned to the United States from her 30-day girls’ night out attending the Costa Rican School of Witch Doctory. Unfortunately, Tania’s reunion with fiance Syngin Colchester soon turned into a bitter spat between the two as they made the drive from New York back home to Tania’s mother’s shed in Connecticut.

In the car, Tania attacked Syngin for not having a specific career goal and working towards it, while Syngin argued that he didn’t want to go back working for the system. He pointed out that he worked in the South African mines for seven years — during which time he lost several friends and coworkers to work-related incidents.

“That was so long ago though,” Tania replies. However, if you do the math, Syngin started working in the mines when he was 18, so he would have been 25 when he stopped. He’s 29 while filming the show, which means that roughly four years had passed when he had the argument with Tania?

After the episode aired, Tania shared a Democracy Now! video on Instagram about a group of women protesting “against accused sexual predator Harvey Weinstein outside the Manhattan courthouse where the disgraced Hollywood mogul is standing trial for rape.” The women chanted in both English and Spanish: “Patriarchy is our judge! God imprisons us at birth! And our punishment … It’s not my fault, not where I was, not how I dressed! And the rapist was you!”

Tania tagged the clips with the #MeToo hash tag, and apparently that had some some folks sliding into Tania’s DMs with negativity. “You would be a metoo person,” someone wrote (along with an eyeroll emoji) in a message posted by Tania.

“For those who assume to know all about me from just seeing me in a Sunday Night TV Show… here’s a quick fact..” Tania posted before sharing a screen cap of the DM interaction mentioned above. “I was molested multiple times before I was even five years old. So yeah #MeToo.”

In a separate Instagram story post, Tania revealed that she talked about the sexual abuse she suffered for the TLC cameras, but so far producers have elected to not include that on the show. “I also talked about that during filming,” she wrote. “Don’t think it’s ever made it to screen though. Just like a lot of stuff hasn’t.”

The posts about her molestation had a lot of fans of the show accusing Tania of trying to use the #MeToo movement as justification for how she has treated Syngin on the show — especially her brushing off the impact of him being a miner and experiencing the deaths of colleagues.

Tania returned to Instagram with a series of videos defending herself in which she could clearly be seen crying. Here are all of the clips put together in a single video followed by a transcript of her message:

My Instagram story was directly related to someone hitting up my DMs and trying to shame me for being part of the #MeToo. I never mentio — when I mentioned the show, I said it for all the people that think they know all of me. Because NEWS FLASH, you don’t know all of me. I never once mentioned my behavior on the show and/or Syngin, I just said you don’t know all of me. And now people are using my story to try to tell me that I’m using it to justify anything else that may be on the show. It’s completely false and wrong. I can share my truth. It is my truth. It’s my story to share. And someone tried to shame me for being part of the #MeToo movement not realizing that, actually, I am. I am. Me too.

Tania’s text posts were shared by 90 Day Fiance Instagrammer John Yates, who previously had a bit of a falling out with Tania over a slavery joke. “I’m not going to say how I really feel about this so I’m just going to say ‘From Tania’,” John captioned the post. (John has his account set to private due to his issues with angering some cast members and getting reported, so I am unable to embed the original post here.)

Tania was unable to resist stepping into the 90 Day Day Fiance Thunderdome that is the John Yates Instagram comments section, and she spent quite a bit of time and energy there defending herself. For those of you in this post for the long haul, I’ve compiled a feature-length transcript of most of Tania’s interactions in the comments, including her screen cap of her DMs with John about doing a live together.

To get you in the Thunderdome mood, here’s a little theme music to play as you read:

There is A LOT here, so you might have to play the song a few times. ?

TANIA: what are you trying to get at with this post @johnyates327tv?? Already know you don’t really care for me. You don’t like that I tried to shame this person. Maybe I should have blurred out their name, but in the moment, I was completely dumbfounded yet so mad that someone could even message that “you would be a metoo person ?” yes. Yes I am.

TANIA: Syngin is not mentioned in the DMs or in my stories. So anyone saying I’m using this to justify anything, just stop. Watching me on a TV show doesn’t justify ?? emoji to the #metoo movement yet, especially when you don’t know me or my story personally.

COMMENT: You chose to put your story on national TV. No one forced you.

TANIA: I’m not even arguing about my life on TV so your comment is irrelevant. It literally isn’t hard to realize that you may not know all of me.

TANIA: Just waiting to hear what @johnyates327tv means by this post. Of course as a blogger all the free will in the world. But intentions are ALWAYS set. You know my IG story was Directly speaking about someone thinking they know all of me from watching me on TV and they obviously didn’t.

COMMENT: It’s no excuse to justify her gross behavior as a person. ??

TANIA: please show me where I say this is an excuse or justification? John purposefully left out the first part of my IG story that had a newsclip of an metoo action that I hashtagged me too. the dm and my response along with the rest of the story was in direct reference to that. Someone must obviously think they know all of me from seeing me on tv to message me something that meant to be hurtful

JOHN YATES: @tania.maduro STOP LYING PSYCHO! I didn’t leave any part of your story out! You failed at this post much like you’ve failed at everything else and now all you have left is smoke and mirrors. No one is buying your sh*t.

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome parody poster with John Yates and Tania Maduro from 90 Day Fiance

TANIA: @johnyates327tv keeps liking peoples comments saying I’m “deflecting” so now me sharing my truth isn’t allowed because it’s just me “trying to look for sympathy” as others have said…

TANIA: @johnyates327tv you didn’t leave any part of my story out. So the part of my story that had a news clip, with the #metoo, that the DM was in exact response to… oh you shared that please tell me where

TANIA: you didn’t share it because you’re manipulative. you knew if people saw that my story started with the news and #metoo and that was what that DM was in response too, they would know that I wasn’t using it to justify or make an excuse. That’s totally conniving.

TANIA: but next time I’ll make sure to plan out my news watching time, so if I end up sharing anything personal it doesn’t fall in line with being the morning after a show airs.

COMMENT: @tania.maduro You were obviously hurt as a child, everybody can sympathize with that. Do you remember how Syngin also has past hurt and you told him “it’s in the past”? It’s always going to be a part of you. Be more understanding to Syngin when he shares his past hurt and pain. Heal yourself, and don’t hurt others. It’s what you’ve been doing live on national Tv. It’s all connected and related and can’t be compartmentalized.

TANIA: I hear you. But that was not the first time I heard that, at all. And though it may seem uncompassionate, it was my frustration of hearing that so many times, offering support, looking up therapists or other modes of healing, with none of them being taken up, ever. I learned that my past was affecting my life in some scenarios so I started steps long ago to work on that never ending healing. My frustration was knowing that, feeling that, yet no actions to work on it. Mines were 8 years ago, and we dated about a year and a half before the show, and during that time I heard how much things would be worked on and changed.

COMMENT: @tania.maduro Alright slow down. Trying to understand you. I’m lost with the whole 8 years ago part?

TANIA: lol mines was 8 years ago. And no there is no time on trauma and how it shows up. I only share that to share that it wasn’t recent work as some people have been thinking. And honestly falling asleep. So if you ask more and I don’t respond. Dont hesitate to ask in a DM or retag me tomorrow.


COMMENT: She’s experienced everything, everyone, every everything. She knows it all. Has been through it all. Will tell you about it all etc. Narcissistic to her core. I’ll bet she’s never one time backed down in an argument, apologized, admitted to being wrong or humbled herself ever. How can you be an activist without having a little humility? Her new name is Cliff Claven…for all the 70’s & 80’s babies, u know what I’m referring too.


TANIA: Please show me where I say this is an excuse or justification? or how I know everything and is never wrong? John purposefully left out the first part of my IG story that had a newsclip of an metoo action that I hashtagged me too. the dm and my response along with the rest of the story was in direct reference to that. Someone must obviously think they know all of me from seeing me on tv to message me something that meant to be hurtful and demeaning.

COMMENT: I was molested a ton growing up. I don’t use it as a excuse. I am the kindest person out there and would never treat people like sh*t like her.


COMMENT: I was angry when I was younger. Therapy helped and I didn’t put what happened to me onto other people.

TANIA: I NEVER ONCE used it to excuse anything. If @johnyatesofficial would have shared the other part of my story, you would see how I posted a newsclip regarding a me too action… this person dm’d me and I shared to my story. No where in any of it did I reference justifying anything else. It was specially for people who think they know all of me from a TV show and feel brazen enough to message something as sad as “you would be a me too person”

COMMENT: @tania.maduro sorry someone used the “you are one of the me too” quotes at me once I was a effing child is what I tell them . Let’s be honest TLC isn’t making you look like a good person at all . I know from past shows it’s a lot of editing. Sorry thought you used the way you were on tv as a excuse to how you acted on it . My mistake sorry .

TANIA: Thanks! And I’m sorry, it hurts when you hear that right?!

COMMENT: I am actually dumbfounded into zero words. Except these: she is too thick headed to even grasp the concept of why this is so wrong. Akin to what LeAnne did to ‘explain away’ her racism. I can’t roll my eyes enough. But I’ll try. ???????????

JOHN YATES: #facts

COMMENT: Is this an excuse for being an abusive, self-centered, self absorbed ass to her “fiancé”? She needs to grow up. It’s awful that (if) this happened to her – but it’s no excuse to treat Syngin the way she does. ?


TANIA: Syngin isn’t mentioned anywhere in the DM or my stories. So not sure why people are even mentioning him. The #MeToo movement is nothing to make fun of, shame people for, or be used to give ? eyes too.

COMMENT: @tania.maduro oh gosh my mother lang is not English and even I can communicate better than you. its emberrasing. Read what @mrs.wenaas wrote again honey??‍♀️what u wrote is not related lol

TANIA: @fashion.instanbul I read it very clearly she is questioning/insinuating that this may be something I use to “being an abusive, self-centered, self-absorbed ass” … and I’m saying anyone even thinking that is wrong.

COMMENT: @tania.maduro if you are a big supporter of the metoo movement and that is about treating people wrongly then why is it ok for you to treat Syngin the same women are claiming men have treated them. #doublestandard

TANIA: Wow. False in so many ways.

COMMENT: @tania.maduro oh, sugar, you show me where I made “fun” of anything…and those ?? weren’t for the #metoo movement. They were just. For. You. When I’m not taking care of the Veterans in my charge, I volunteer as a S.A.N.E. (Sexual assault nurse examiner) and have for 20 years. I was on the frontline long before you decided to use it to excuse your behavior!

TANIA: When I said “?” that was for the emoji in the DM. Sorry for the confusion.

TANIA: Using anything would look like.. “I was molested so no one judge me for how you see me treat Syngin on the show” but I didnt.. yet people are putting that in their own mouths.

COMMENT: @tania.maduro but you literally did say in your own story ppl dont judge me on Sunday show because I had this and this??? Now you say “I didnt”. Girl try to be reasonable lol

TANIA: No I said.. for the ones who seem to know all about me.

COMMENT: @tania.maduro sunday show= you treating Syngin sh*tty, screaming at him for not taking stupid wood classes threatening him to do stuff. Now you say ur insta story is not related with Syngin but it kinda is as Sunday show was portraying you self centered self absorbed and u try to defend yourself with this metoo thing. Which is very delicate topic and not related with how show portrays you at all. Even if they included your bad experience that wouldn’t make you look good that’s what we are saying.

TANIA: Literally not hard to even rationalize that people may not know all of me. The person in the story literally says “you would be a me too person ?” yes yes I am.

TANIA: Do you know all of me from watching me through your tv at 8pm est on Sunday night?

COMMENT: @tania.maduro I know enough to observe that u treat ur fiance sh*tty for 11 weeks straight. So yeah. I don’t know your other personal experiences and also I don’t need to know. We all been through bad experiences and these are not excuse to treat people around us sh*tty.

COMMENT: Is she trying to justify treating her fiancé like sh*t by saying that she was molested as a child? I’m lost…?

TANIA: Not at all?! Wtf?! This is literally in response to someone saying “you would be a me too person” yes, yes I am.

COMMENT: @tania.maduro so you’re just sharing your private DMs so people feel sorry for you? What was the point of sharing that private convo?

TANIA: How sick?! The point of sharing that DM is to show that people actually don’t know all of me even if they see me on TV. It wasn’t a private conversation. It was a mean message from someone trying to shame me.

JOHN YATES: @tania.maduro and you shamed them back with something they couldn’t possibly have known. Sorry.

TANIA: @johnyates327tv how would you reccomend I told them? Oh I’m sorry you’re trying to shame me and act as if hashtagging metoo is something to be made fun of or belittled, but you should know I actually am #metoo? I don’t have to tiptoe around my truth to protect others feelings. Saying “you would be a me too person” as if it’s something demeaning is horrid.

90 Day Fiance John Yates Tania Maduro feud on Instagram

JOHN YATES: @tania.maduro oh get off your high horse Tania. You strive on being a voice for the voiceless when you insert yourself in situations that don’t need it. I’ve been abused and would never pull the sh*t your trying to pull. The Jews and Palestinians have been fighting for hundreds of years but here you come as a non Jew inserting your 2 unwelcomed cents. By the way b*tch I’m #metoo too but you don’t see me using it as a weapon.

TANIA: @johnyates327tv and not knowing my personal story is NO EXCUSE for saying “you would be a me too person ?” ever. And nothing I’ve hidden. I’ve talked about it before, I have posts on my IG, public posts on my FB, and if people actually knew me, it’s a story I became comfortable sharing while learning about relational culture, and I story I share when teaching others how to share their story. I’ve learned how to comfortably share the story and it was a process, but I don’t owe anyone anything. And neither do you.

TANIA: @johnyates327tv I read your story and spoke nothing of it, never even insinuated about you not knowing anything about trauma. You also didnt address me on it so I’m not going to speak on it. So calling me a b*tch.. for?

JOHN YATES: @tania.maduro you are putting words in my mouth to make yourself look better. I’ve been very vocal as to why I disagree with your stance as another victim of abuse. No one on Instagram knows any of this because this is sh*t I don’t talk about. What infuriates me is that your using this as an excuse for your reasoning as where I only used this was to demonstrate how far off you are.

JOHN YATES: @tania.maduro cause your a b*tch Tania – you know this. And here you are on your soapbox AGAIN trying to draw blood from a stone and you wonder why people don’t like you.

TANIA: @johnyates327tv where did I put words in your mouth. In pretty sure I tagged you multiple times asking you YOUR intentions. And where did I use this as reasoning?! You literally saw my post of the news clip with #metoo and the DM in direct response to that story and then the story I shared. No where in any of that is any “reasoning” or “excuse” that’s you putting words in my mouth.

JOHN YATES: @tania.maduro you literally just said it in another comment in this thread. You are what’s wrong with this country – you masquerade as an activist trying to bring people together when all you do is tear people apart – I can see right through you Tania.

TANIA: @johnyates327tv you’re the one who shared my story without all of the details. No one even knows that I posted before a clip regarding #metoo So the only thing my story addresses is the fact that people shouldnt assume to know all of me because they don’t.

TANIA: @johnyates327tv said what in another comment?!

JOHN YATES: @tania.maduro said that you used it to shame her. Your words.

TANIA: @johnyates327tv ugh I hate messaging. Because I never even denied that… Me telling her I was molested was not shaming her. Me sharing the DM was kind of shaming and I also did say that maybe I should have blurred her things out, but I was heated and in the moment. And honestly I don’t owe anyone anything who would try to shame me and say “you would be a me too person ?” lol people say to me all the time I put myself on TV so I deserve whatever. But people wanting to be bold in my messages I should just pat on the head.

JOHN YATES: @tania.maduro it all feels very contrived I’m sorry. A better way to talk about this would be just being candid about it instead of using it as a reply in a dm to someone you don’t give a sh*t about. I was molested and this is the first time I’ve ever mentioned it and I think using that as a reply is straight bullsh*t. I’ve gone through a lot being a 90 day blogger and a lot of people hate me but I never used that as an excuse to them as to why I act the way I act.

TANIA: @johnyates327tv I have talked about it before. Guess you don’t see everything. I also have it on older posts. And I actually was planning on doing a story session on my IG live. But yes when I got this DM I was heated as f**k, and I don’t apologize for how I shared my truth. Because it’s my truth! Just like yours is yours, and yours to share how and when. You cant shame me for sharing it.

JOHN YATES: @tania.maduro wow ok.

TANIA: @johnyates327tv you’re literally trying to shame me for sharing my story and that is completely wrong. I’m happy you’ve never used arrows. I was super upset in the moment and reacted. I usually have a better handle on it, but You aren’t going to shame me for it. Just like no one should shame you however you share and tell your story and truth. It wont be pretty every time. Trust me.

TANIA: @johnyates327tv wow deleting my comments?!

TANIA: @johnyates327tv I said.. I learned how to share stories because I believe sharing stories is how we will see each other as humans that will help us build relationships. My IG is not a story, just a statement. I practice resonance and I’ve been trying to figure out how to share story on IG live. Stories aren’t share enough by men so I see and feel your bravery for sharing it for the first time. I still remember my first time. If you ever wanted to talk more about story telling and how to use it to build relationships and/or to share yours let me know ? I know how hard and also sensitive it can be.

JOHN YATES: @tania.maduro I didn’t delete one stop pulling sh*t god you are THE WORST!

JOHN YATES: @tania.maduro and I didn’t delete it – why delete comments proving my point.

TANIA: @johnyates327tv oh then I apologize for mis/not seeing comments I had left.

COMMENT: @tania.maduro you cannot go into battle with a blow torch and gasoline then come out crying when you get burned. You say you don’t owe anyone anything but here we are you’re literally going at everyone. Silence is the best answer but instead because someone as you said “shamed you” you opted to shame them back then Brush it off like you didn’t shame them “really” two wrongs don’t make a right but you would know that if you were selfless ??

JOHN YATES: I love this.

COMMENT: @tania.maduro I hope for the sake of anyone you are “teaching”, that you mature enough to teach from a position of knowledge and wisdom and not from a victim stance. Teaching is about the student and what knowledge you can impart.

TANIA: While organizing I shared how to resonate and how to share and craft storie, def not a pro at it, but the work means a lot to me. Sharing stories and resonance is about being able to share yourself and be fully heard. You can craft them depending on what you’re looking for in its values, support, growth, and more. And I personally focus more on healing centered not trauma informed.

TANIA: @johnyates327tv So far you’ve called me a b*tch – totally deragatory. A psycho – not my name. And a liar after I even said check your DM’s you then didn’t scroll all the way up just so people wouldn’t see that I offered another day – because you manipulate stories to get attention. at least my IG stuff was done in shock – you’ve continued for idk what reason.

COMMENT: Why would she feel the need to compare this to her TV appearances and want the world to know? ??‍♀️?

TANIA: This is literally in response to someone saying “you would be a me too person” yes, yes I am. People think because they see me on TV Sunday nights they think they know all of me, and they don’t.

COMMENT: @tania.maduro that doesn’t even make sense. Way too many people have been molested/abused/assaulted…. we are all living and walking amongst each other and I never lash out at someone – you don’t know all of me because you don’t know I’ve been molested! Why would I share that with people I’m not close with? OF COURSE people don’t know everything about anyone!

TANIA: My IG story was directly related to someone saying “you would be part of the me top movement ?” after I shared a clip of the a news clip I was watching and hashtagged me too. And yes, actually I am a me too person.

COMMENT: @tania.maduro who claims to know all of you?? That’s your own assumption. People know what they see on tv and what is put out by you or others on social media…. so when your own sister says you are “consistently selfish and rude” people put that together with the show and social media (your own posts) and make their deductions about you. I don’t see people claiming they know everything about you, I see people not liking the negative things about you. It would be great if you would share something positive !

TANIA: Because with that person saying “you would be a me too person” shows that know matter how much they think they know about me, they actually dont.

COMMENT: @tania.maduro that makes no sense. You’re upset that this person accused you of being a me too person, but yet you agreed you are. What does one have to do with the other? What was the point of posting this DM??? I’m sorry that happened to you, and I believe it happened I’m just not sure what you’re trying to prove or teach. Feel free to educate me.

TANIA: Someone posted a comment that’s so much more eloquent. But – this person was trying to make light of or shame me. Actually probably not knowing that I have been sexually abused. The metoo movement is nothing to try to use to demean another, ever, especially since something like almost 1 in 4 women will be sexually harassed/assaulted. I posted the DM because I was so appalled someone could literally even respond like that, that I made my story saying that people dont actually know all of me.

COMMENT: @tania.maduro I agree it’s sickening. I am so sorry you went through that. So was your point to cause awareness to the movement? Because it comes off as very sarcastic if so. I appreciate you sharing your truth, but in the same sentence you bring up 90 day fiancé twice-how we don’t know you from the show, how you discussed it but it was edited. So it seems like you want us to capture more of an insight about you. Editing can only do so much and your own sister publicly admits that you’re a difficult person to be around. I am just trying to wrap my head on what the purpose of sharing this fact with a troll was , and then escalating this very sensitive topic to tie in with 90 day fiancé. I think it’s very confusing because you claim you’re just sharing a DM from a troll, but you shared your response with thousands, then ask @johnyates327tv what did he mean by sharing this. Girl, the same thing you did?….I can see you’re a strong woman, but sometimes you’re extremely defensive when you don’t always have to be. I hope you’re healing, and seeking help from your childhood trauma, so that you can continue to help and encourage others around you. No one is laughing at you for being molested by the way. It’s a completely sensitive topic and you were brave to share, I just don’t know how sharing it this way to the world served any insight to getting to know the real you. Sending good vibes your way.

JOHN YATES: Well said. ?

TANIA: Thanks for asking me questions. so much and so heavy. I shared because its mine to share. I mentioned the show at the beginning because I assumed that the person who DM’d me was full of judgement (as is right from the show) but also an assumption that they actually know me. So it was my frustration coming out of being appalled by the message as well as getting tired of people thinking they KNOW me. I actually try not to blame editing because things are so much deeper than just that. I asked him why he shared because he doesnt like me, and so I was more interested in his intentions knowing that they werent good.

JOHN YATES: @tania.maduro shut up Tania I gave you the option of going live and explaining yourself and you said no which only cements you are full of sh*t.

TANIA: @johnyates327tv I literally replied and said I was drained and maybe another day.

TANIA: It doesn’t say “Seen”yet so I can see why you would write this.

JOHN YATES: @tania.maduro that’s not what you said at all. Want me to post it liar?

TANIA: @johnyates327tv lol yes please do

TANIA: @johnyates327tv literally said you havent seen it yet hahaha

TANIA: @johnyates327tv it was like 30 mins ago. You’re so crazy!!!

JOHN YATES: @tania.maduro Tania you know what you said but ok.

TANIA: @johnyates327tv check your DMs ?????? I cant. But yeah keep going

JOHN YATES: @tania.maduro Tania you will never get the best of me and im sorry but everyone sees you for what your worth.

TANIA: @johnyates327tv if anyone is seeing this

JOHN YATES: @tania.maduro look at you gaining massive followers off my post like we don’t all know what you’re doing.

TANIA: Please read my story with the time stamps. Just goes to show how @johnyates327tv is so after me to continue to make me look bad.

90 Day Fiance Tania Maduro John Yates DMs

JOHN YATES: @tania.maduro ok yeah. No one pays attention to my page that’s why you’re here trying to defend your insidious actions to the hilt.

COMMENT: @tania.maduro you are contradicting yourself in these responses. Digging deeper holes. ??‍♀️ you are admitting and in CAPS, “as well as, getting tired of people thinking they KNOW me”, as the reason for the metoo statement. As Steven stated, you keep referencing to 90 day. No doubt you probably were abused, but that’s just not a good use of scenario about yourself to to get people to know you. And for you to be concerned that it did not get aired is mind boggling to me. You keep mentioning that as well. Wouldn’t it be better to state something positive that would show your kinder side not desperate, poor me side to relate to your audience? This is just not the best way to go about letting people in.

JOHN YATES: Cause she’s a phony plain and simple.

TANIA: The reason for the metoo statement is in my stories. I was watching a news clip and hashtagged me too.. because it was about a me too action.. then I got the DM. And then I shared the DM…Was I not allowed to share the DM and my truth and say that people actually don’t know all of me just from watching and saying how it hasn’t aired just to show how much is not shown on the tv.

TANIA: If @johnyates327tv up for it I said another day, literally the same minute he said fine to me. But he wont share that screenshot ?

COMMENT: @tania.maduro you are doing this all on your own… nothing in that DM said anything about “ I’m drained, later”… and he @johnyates327tv didn’t post those words from your IG story, you did . He only reposted it. How is he making you look bad? Again… cannot be all these people Tania.. common thread here. You are stricken with solipsism..

COMMENT: @johnyates327tv she’s nuts!! Omgosh and we all have tried to get her to see it.. god help Syngin if he’s still around.. ??‍♀️ you have her the opportunity to tell her story.. holy moly…

TANIA: Oh … check my stories. You’ll see the full DM. Where I say I’m drained. @johnyates327tv is the actual liar.

TANIA: And I’m not ashamed of my story at all! I specifically asked him for his intentions. If you saw my full story not just what he shared.. youd see that the DM was a reply to my newsclip regarding a me too action. So me sharing more on that was not to justify anything on the show, only regarding how people don’t know me fully from it and should never be so brazen to DM someone something so reckless.

COMMENT: @tania.maduro I actually gained a lot of respect for you last night when I saw that you apologized to Syngin in the car. That was definitely big of you. When he shared that traumatic story of his friends dying, and being confined in a scary box miles under the ground I was floored when you said “that was so long ago”. As you know from sharing your #metoo experience-trauma has no timeline and affects everyone different. It’s nothing that anyone just gets over, even if they say they do. So just wanted to send some kind words that I saw you in a positive light for admitting you were wrong.

COMMENT: @tania.maduro I seriously can’t ? hurts from trying to explain this to you. I saw your story, @johnyates327tv literally posted it in order of which you did. He was not trying to make you look bad, he’s a blogger, and does this with all the cast posts, then it is discussed by his followers.. nobody saw, or took this how you wanted it portrayed period. They just don’t. Regardless of John reposting it or not. I don’t know what else to tell you.


TANIA: Yes he was!!! That’s why he was liking every single comment about be using it to justify my behaviour and using it to deflect! If he wasnt he would have said his intentions was something different

COMMENT: @tania.maduro he also was trying to get you to do a live. But you refused. If he was after you in any way, he wouldn’t want you to join him to tell your side. Honestly nearly everyone on this thread Tania is frustrated with the fact that you cannot see where this is not ok. Its just not. Ugh my mom was molested.. she passed away just a few months ago.. ya know what? I nor my siblings knew anything about this until I was in my 20’s. My Mama died from Dementia, she sadly, relived her pain over and over again, day after day…, for four years thinking her attacker (her dad) was going to get her because of the dementia putting her in that time period. This is sensitive stuff Tania.. @johnyates327tv too, it’s not something you use as a platform to gain fans of likability by saying , tired of people not knowing me here’s a fact I was molested…, no! That’s not ok!!! Sorry. That’s just sick.. have a good night. Wish you much happiness I. The future. My only hope is you take away tonight that this fact about yourself is not something you use to gain approval from others, especially those that are victims. ✌?

TANIA: I didn’t refuse. I said not now and exactly when he said fine I said another day so stay tuned..hopefully he wont take back his offer even though hes refusing to admit that I said another day.

COMMENT: @johnyates327tv I don’t blame you for being upset.. its not cool@to those who were victims and she should realize that. And She won’t.. in her mind, she’s right, and all these other people here are not. Sad actually..

JOHN YATES: @tania.maduro Tania Jesus Christ you are a real piece of work. I’m going live in 10 minutes.

TANIA: I said it on my story in regards to someone saying “of course your part of the me too movement” I’m sorry about your mother, and that you didn’t know until much later. But you can not shame me for how I shared it, even if you don’t like it. People don’t like it because they think I’m using it to justify the show I didn’t even watch last night. No, it was all intentional regarding the DM. If that person wouldn’t have messaged me that I wouldn’t have shared her.

TANIA: @johnyates327tv cool make sure to add all the timestamps in future posts regarding your DM!

JOHN YATES: @tania.maduro oh please you know what you did.

TANIA: @johnyates327tv and maybe another day I’ll go live. ?

JOHN YATES: @tania.maduro the offers off the table. Try another blogger.

TANIA: @johnyates327tv oh you don’t want to go live with me another day? Okay! Fine by me ??‍♀️

JOHN YATES: @tania.maduro yup.

TANIA: @johnyates327tv you know. Some would see this and think you’re trying to bully and pressure me into a live now lol ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ oh that you’re actually too scared to go live with me later.

COMMENT: @tania.maduro just go live. You’re obviously up responding. Your responses aren’t getting your point across. Maybe a live would.

TANIA: Jk jk. I don’t care. You’re trying to shame me for how I shared that I was molested. Like all comments that said I only mentioned it because I was trying to justify my behaviour. When YOU know I mentioned it because my story had a me too newsclip and someone tried to say I was part of the me too as if its demeaning. You know that me sharing that was in no way justifying anything else. And was specifically saying that people don’t know all of me and should never ever be sad enough to message someone “of course you’re a me too person ?”

TANIA: I’m super tired. And typing takes less energy than actually talking, especially when someone is def out to make me look bad. Taking my story OUT of context… he knew what he was doing or he would have shared my story that prompted that DM.

JOHN YATES: @tania.maduro get off the soapbox no one is listening.

COMMENT: @tania.maduro You lack wisdom and proper guidance.

COMMENT: @tania.maduro Now you’re being bullied? Stop being a victim. In 90DF they always make the foreigner look like the bad guy but you are so unlikeable, your one of the very few Americans @TLC made the villain because of your lovely personality.

TANIA: Lol That was firstly to John-hence why he was tagged- who is putting up half truths in his stories about me currently regarding going live.

COMMENT: @tania.maduro I guess if you want to make that leap and assumption that someone thinks they actually know everything about you, that’s your prerogative. But you needn’t put everyone in the same box. Most people purely form opinions of you based off the show and your social media, so it’s very clear that not all is known. Of course there’s millions of things that people don’t know. If people think they know everything, that’s just flat out silly and you shouldn’t give it another thought because its delusional

TANIA: Exactly why I worded it the way I did. If people who watch the show don’t think they know everything about me, then this wasn’t for them. I was full of frustration and anger when I got that DM. I won’t apologize for sharing my truth, but I will say I probably should have blurred their info, and I shouldn’t be shamed about me sharing my truth either.

If you REALLY want the full Monty in regards to Tania Maduro v. John Yates, be sure to hop over to his IG account and give him a follow if you’re not already. I swear his comments section is where more than half of the off-screen 90 Day Fiance drama plays out!

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