90 DAY FIANCE Anfisa is now a stripper, on P0RNHUB & met Jorge via webcam site according to…Stevie Ryan?!

90 Day Fiance Are Jorge and Anfisa still together? 2017

Let’s see if I can’t sum up what may very well be my favorite story of the year so far in one sentence: Comedian Stevie Ryan ordered weed from 90 Day Fiance marijuantrepreneur Jorge, but he failed to deliver after making her wait seven hours–so Stevie spilled the tea on his wife Anfisa by revealing that the couple actually met via a webcam site, Anfisa can be found on P0rnhub, and she is currently with another man and working as a stripper.

I’ll give you a minute to read that sentence again…

OK: let’s get right to the source, who is rapidly rising to the very top of my list of folks I want to sip wine and watch reality TV with! Comedian Stevie Ryan, who has previously gotten into online spats with other reality stars like Teen Mom 2‘s Jenelle Evans, started her Twitter tale Tuesday morning. “Got all the Anfisa gossip from Jorge before he made me wait 7 hours to get some weed he never came through with,” she tweeted, along with this photo of herself and Jorge together as a receipt:

Stevie Ryan with Jorge from 90 Day Fiance

At this point, I’m just going to step out of the way and let Stevie tell you everything herself:

TWEETER: OOooooOOOOOH drama!!! Anfisa is gonna be soooo jealous!! BWHAHHAHAHAHHAAH

STEVIE Ryan: F**k both of them. He made me wait all day for some bullsh!t weed he never came through with so I’m spilling ALL the beans ??‍♀️

T: EW he didn’t come through? He’s just as bad as Anfisa then. Maybe you should call the network so he can’t negotiate a better contract.

SR: Yup. Ruined my whole Memorial Day! I’m done with that bitch!

T: ? please spill. I can’t stand that hateful greedy beotch or his whiney pu$$y whipped ass.

SR: They broke up & she’s working as a stripper now. Still taking all his money tho ??‍♀️

T: I have to ask, judge me if you will….does she ever give him any? And I don’t mean weed ?

SR: He says she did but I don’t believe it…

T: Me either ?

T: I’m going with hand job for a Chanel purse

SR: Psshh I’d be surprised if he even got that! He led her on & made her think he was rich. They are broken up, she’s stripping, has a new man But is still taking his money & she got that green card!

T: I KNEW he was playing at having money! Didn’t he run a dispensary or something?

SR: He grows but lives at home & pays all the bills for Anfisa’s apartment ? He said she started treating him differently after

SR: he bought her boobs & a nose job ? DUH HOMIE! He’s also paying for her new chin she’s getting Friday.

SR: TLC offered to pay for the surgery if she let them air it but she said no ?

SR: Jorge told me him & Anfisa didn’t meet on Facebook. They met on a cam girl site! Here’s pics or you can just google…

Anfisa P0rnhub video

T: So wait, girl is a cam model and DEMANDS bank from Jorge? HAHAHA

SR: She’s a gold digger and he lied about being rich ? both idiots

T: He doesn’t have money??

SR: Not like he pretended to have. Any money he gets he gives to her right away. She even collects his checks from the show ?

T: Is he into financial domination or just that deluded?

SR: Good question!

I followed Stevie’s advice and Googled Anfisa and P0rnhub. Sure enough, there was a video that had her full name as well as “90 Day Fiance” right in the title! The 51+ minute clip has plenty of full-on nudity and was uploaded by an account using Anfisa’s first and last name more than five months ago. Here are some SFW screen caps from the clip allegedly featuring Anfisa:

Anfisa webcam video

UPDATE – Here are some more SFW screen caps:

90 Day Fiance Anfisa adult video
Anfisa nude video
Anfisa adult cam girl

I took in the full Anfisa and I have to say that her breasts seem a lot smaller in the video than in her infamous Instagram and Facebook photos. Of course, looking back through those photos, I realize it could be that she was just very talented at making them appear bigger than they are — kinda like Jorge was with his bank account. #ZING

Anfisa has posted on Instagram as recently as May 22, but her last photo with Jorge was the one at the top of this post, which was taken at The Grove and posted on April 11.

Jorge and Anfisa (aka “Jorfisa”) will be featured on the second season of TLC’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? premiering Sunday, June 25 at 8/7c. If it includes ANY of what Stevie Ryan revealed above, it should be QUITE the season for Jorfisa! CLICK HERE to watch the preview trailer.

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