90 DAY FIANCE Jay and Ashley wedding photos leak online, were they taken in Jamaica?

On the most recent episode of 90 Day Fiance, Ashley and her Jamaican fiance Jay reveal that their wedding website had been inundated with hateful comments, including multiple uses of the “N” word. Due to concerns for their safety, the couple announced to a friend that they were planning to cancel their wedding. Although it is unclear if they kept their original wedding date and location, Ashley and Jay DEFINITELY had a formal wedding ceremony — as evidenced by a brand new batch of leaked wedding photos!

The photos, featuring Ashley and Jay both decked out in bright white attire, were posted by a brand new Instagram account under the ID @callingyououtfraud2. As you may have guessed by the user name, the person running the account seems to have a bit of a vendetta against either Ashley or Jay or both. As you also may have guessed from the user name, this is not the first time he/she/they have used the social media platform to post about Ashley and Jay — more on that in a minute.

First, here are the wedding photos — which include one shot of Jay seemingly “giving Ashley the B” as in belly:

And, just in case this account gets deleted as well, here are the photos posted in a single gallery by John Yates:

Many fans are speculating that the photos look to have been taken in Jamaica due to the beachy background, but there is no confirmation of that. (The Unites States has beaches too!) As we exclusively reported, the couple’s original wedding registry said the wedding was scheduled to take place in her hometown of Mechanicsburg, but it could very well be that the couple reconsidered the venue after the threatening comments posted on their registry.

Speaking of those comments, I do not recall seeing them when I visited their wedding registry on theknot.com back in late September. It doesn’t mean they weren’t there, but I’m usually pretty thorough when vetting for spoilers, and comments can be a gold mine! I do know for a fact that if I had seen them, I most certainly would have taken screen caps! It is possible that the comments were left after I visited, or perhaps there was another registry.

Getting back to the leaked wedding photos, it is important to note that we do not know the full story behind them. Is this a “real” wedding ceremony, or is it perhaps a second wedding in Jamaica so that Jay’s family and friends could attend? Jay does appear to be wearing a wedding ring, but that doesn’t really prove anything.

Another burning question is who is behind the Instagram account(s) that appears to be out to get Ashley and Jay? The obvious guess in Ashley’s former bestie Natalie, who Ashley claims tried to leak the story about her being kidnapped and raped when she was a teenager. The conspiracy theory minded 90 Day Fiance fans seem to be leaning another direction, however, as they theorize it is actually Ashley herself behind the recent wedding photo leak — and also some, if not all, of the previous “leaks.”

If you’re curious to know a little more about the back history of Ashley’s problem with Instaleaks, I can recap some of that. A previous account under the user name @callingyououtfraud made a series of posts last month alleging that Ashley was lying when she stated that she had not dated any black men before Jay.

The account posted receipts in the form of a gallery of photos of Ashley with black men who were clearly not Jay:

90 Day Fiance social media mogul John Yates later offered some clarification about the photo:

Let’s break this pic down:

A) All the men here work at the Beaches Ocho Rios resort.

B) The guy on the bottom left is Natalie’s ex, see other pic.

C) None of them ever hooked up with Ashley in any way.

D) Here are their @’s you can ask for yourself – @ajay_stylezz876 @rushane19 @russian_marsh

E) I spoke with Ashley and she confirmed.

The account also uploaded another photo allegedly of Ashley in which she appears to be giving a lap dance to another man while wearing an engagement ring:

Oops .. this “Ask Me A Question” didn’t age well… from r/90DayFiance

There was also a video reportedly posted by the @callingyououtfraud account that showed Ashley making out with a man, but I couldn’t find it posted anywhere else after that account was deleted.

As mentioned above, Ashley claims that her former BFF Natalie was trying to sell a story to the tabloids about Ashley’s kidnap and rape when she was 19 years old. In an attempt to head off any tabloid stories about such a traumatizing event, Ashley shared her story with John Yates.

Ashley later “leaked” her own abuse photos in which she can be seen with a very large black eye after she says Natalie was threatening to release that as well. In addition to the picture, Ashley also revealed that she is unable to have children of her own after having a hysterectomy at the age of 26.

I’m always amazed at how much “reality” shows don’t tell us! We will certainly keep our eyes and ears peeled and will update if there are any other major skeletons that “leak” out of Ashley’s closet. Meanwhile, what do you think of Ashley and Jay’s “all white” wedding looks?

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com

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