Meet 90 Day Fiance witch Ashley Michelle aka StarSeed Shadows

90 Day Fiance witch Ashley Michelle aka StarSeed Shadows

90 Day Fiancé returns for its historical tenth season on Sunday, October 8. Based on the dramatic preview trailer, the new season will feature a wide array of characters ranging from a trans woman rekindling her decade-old romance with her Moldovan bae, a Kentucky man with two chihuahuas, two guinea pigs, and his mom living in his closet, and… a witch!?

Here’s the preview:

“When I met Manuel in Ecuador, we became engaged after, like, a week,” Ashley says in the clip. “But, I haven’t told him I am a witch,” she adds.

Let’s start with Ashley and Manuel’s official bio from the TLC press release announcing the new season:

There was no swiping or sliding into DMs for this couple. Back in 2010, Ashley traveled to Ecuador to study marine biology in college and met Manuel at a New Year’s Eve party. Attraction between Ashley and Manuel was immediately apparent after they met, and they ended up getting engaged despite their language barrier.

Once Ashley’s schooling ended and it was time for her to head back to the U.S, the couple broke up. A decade later, life brought the two back together and they got engaged again. Are they finally ready to build a life together?

Who is 90 Day Fiancé witch Ashley Michelle?

33-year-old Ashley Michelle is from Rochester, New York where she was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness. By the time she became a teenager, Ashley started getting getting curious about other religions and other perceptions of reality.

“Western religion and Christianity play a fundamental role in our society, and having a strong understanding of how that role is played, and where some of these ideas come from, I believe is necessary to be an effective spiritual worker, teacher, mentor, and leader,” Ashley said in the “Who Is The StarSeed Witch?” episode of her podcast, The Goddess Complex. “So, I am very non-apologetic about my religious upbringing. And I thank my religious upbringing for giving me the morals that I do have.”

Ashley’s curiosity led her to her first book on Wicca and her first tarot deck. Those things helped her understand why she had always felt such a disconnect in her life.

There were times that I was, like, ‘Am I an incarnate angel? Like an Earth angel? Who am I? Because this human body — this experience — feels like such a human experience, versus a human just experiencing.’ I hope I’m not getting to esoteric for you guys, but that is to say I felt myself having the experience of a human versus just being a human in the experience and quite unaware.

After having a dream about saving the world via ecology, Ashley put the tarot, astrology, and Wicca aside for six years as she dedicated herself to science instead. She received her bachelor’s degree in biology, and it was during this time that she made multiple trips to locations around the world, including three visits to Ecuador.

After Ashley received her degree, she worked for years as a server in restaurants and bars. When she wasn’t working, she was getting drunk or high and partying with her friends.

She eventually went back to school with the intention of getting a master’s degree in hospitality so she could land a job in the eco-tourism industry.

“I remember feeling in my gut that this wasn’t it,” Ashley recalls, noting that she was continuing her partying ways while pursuing her graduate degree. “I am here to do so much more than what it is that I am doing.”

She had a breakdown and was on her knees crying in the kitchen, wondering if she should go back to church. Over the next few weeks, Ashley formulated the new direction for her life.

That new direction was to start her own business called StarSeed Shadows. Ashley currently has a website, a podcast, and a presence on multiple social media platforms. She has also created The Lightworker’s Academy and she offers business mentorships to help you “build a successful spiritual brand.”

What kind of witch is Ashley Michelle? I’ve been reading through her website, scrolling through her social media accounts, and listening to her podcast and I have no idea.

90 Day Fiancé witch Ashley Michelle in her own words

I feel I am a bit out of my depth in trying to describe who Ashley is in terms of her take on spirituality. As a result, I though I would conclude by letting her describe herself in her own words.

I will start with a few excerpts from her website, and will conclude with three posts from her StarSeed Shadows Facebook page. I will add in some of her Instagram posts and a YouTube video.

StarSeed Shadows website quotes

As your spiritual and business development mentor and healer it is my soul mission to help you AWAKEN to new portals of potential so that you can connect and collaborate with Source energy and your guides with confidence and clarity.

Ashley is the only astrologer that we know of that works with all 4 lilith points in astrology, specifically to help you work through your shadow and eventually step into what is called shadow integration. This means that we no longer are subject to our subconscious or conscious negative thoughts or feelings about ourselves and our magick but rather we embrace all of who are and what we have to offer the world. In short, you deserve to take up space in whatever capacity that you desire to.

Shadow work is foundational to the StarSeedShadows universe and here you can find that the best way to do shadow work with Ashley is by booking the Astrology for shadow work session.

Throughout all of this evolution, Ashley has gained incredible insight and knowledge on how to run an online business, create content that sells, speak with authority and flow in your authenticity. With Venus in the 8th house, a stellium in Capricorn and part of fortune in Aries it was no wonder that incorporating business mentorship inside of the StarSeedShadows universe was a must. Ashley offers group business mentorship as well as 1:1’s.

StarSeed Shadows Facebook posts

May 24, 2022

I’m Ashley🌹 I help intuitives get unstuck by giving them the tools to tap into their intuition and out of the matrix.⁠

Why do I do this? Because I was you. I’ve always been intuitive, connected ya know? My complex relationship with religion Vs spirituality began when I was saving my coins for Lisa Frank 🌈 from the local CVS. ⁠

I grew up a Jehovah’s Witness and my ♒ 🌙was all over the brotherhood that the Kingdom Hall was. That was the first time I learned of otherworldly beings on 🌎. ⁠

As a teen the explorative nature of my ♐ ☀️ came through as I explored religion and poetry. I studied Buddhism, Jainism, Wicca all before I could drive. I was a 🧽 with an insatiable thirst for Source. ⁠

I was fortunate enough to meet guides along my journey. 🦋Spiritually developed individuals that were way before their time. These teachers could have taken advantage of me in any way they chose but they nourished me with 📚literature like ‘Conversations with God’ music like Prince and taught me how necessary cold showers are for energy wiping.⁠

In my 20’s I studied the🌍 & got my B.S in Conservation and during my Saturn Return I got my Masters in Hospitality and in the middle I waited a lot of tables and drank a lot of booze. I always got A’s and I also always knew where the party was, little did I know my eccentricity was numbing my intuition, my witchyness, my divinity. ⁠

It was at the end of my Saturn Return when I chose to lean into her & breathe with her and in turn we made magick together. My downloads were coming clear, my crown was buzzing with light and the inception of StarSeedShadows began🙌🏾. ⁠

My soul mission-to help you transform your life by tapping into your own intuition so you can make decisIons that lead you to YOUR divine purpose as well.⁠

The Divinity Series is officially open for enrollment ⁠

Check out the Link in Bio if you are ready to change your life ⁠

May 9, 2022

A re-introduction to the beautiful souls that have entered my 🌍

Hello! I am Ashley. A cancer🏹, sag☀️, aqua🌜. A projector and a ♓ MC that speaks to my Starseed routes. I am your resident spiritual awakening doula.

What does that mean?

I help you feel seen, held and a little less crazy as you move through stages of your spiritual awakening.

I was born into my shadow, being forced to 𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐝 many of the harder parts of the human experience like death, suicide, birth, divinity, God, angels and guides all before my first bleed.

🌹And because of this, I have developed the most intuitive trust with Source, my guides and my highest version of Self.

🕊️I have had to go through the most uncomfortable parts of my awakening alone.

🕊️My soul tribe has had to move through the heaviest parts of their ascension alone.

🕊️You have had to watch others ‘figure it out’ from the sidelines, alone.

It doesn’t have to be like this. ✨

Being born alone – is apart of 🌍 School, friend. Have you ever wondered why we are born alone but naturally social creatures.

Studies have shown the emotional, physical and mental effects isolation has on a human.

Are we truly supposed to uncover the Great Lie alone? 🧿

It is one of my soul missions to help ease the 𝓭𝓲𝓼-𝓮𝓪𝓼𝓮 that comes with opening up your EYE👁️

It is one of my soul missions to make it easier for you to create more flow and grace in your life as you move inbetween worlds.

I have helped hundreds of humans at this point, get intimate with their shadow, bury their false narratives and LIMIT THEIR LIMITING BELIEFS.

I play in the quantum field & channel the Akashic Records. Being from the stars, reading them comes easy & helping you learn to read them too is so fulfilling. The tarot is an ancient entity that serves as a mirror to the soul.

It is year of The Lovers & Love we shall.

Welcome to New 🌍,

April 14, 2021
(The first StarSeed Shadows Facebook post)

Hello Love!

To head down the path to illuminating your shadow allows you a level of freedom that would otherwise be unattainable. Yin and Yang energy sit together in a song and dance of symbiosis, only fully experiencing their own energies through the other. Your tendency to be one-sided (normally ‘light sided) in life is not by accident. You have been programmed to repress the ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ aspects of your shadow in your unconscious mind since birth. It is time now to shine light on that which scares you. You deserve the best quality of life attainable to you.

I have been in touch with my naturally intuitive nature for as long as I can remember. As a child I was always drawn to the stars and science, nature and spirituality, crystals and ghosts. I got my first tarot deck as a teenager and with the help of spiritual teachers along the way, my awakening process began little by little.

Upon graduating high school, Gaia, the Earth Goddess, came to me in a dream and from there I was called to get a B.S. in Conservation Biology. During this time, I began to develop a deeper relationship with the world around me and what my connection to the light and darker aspects of myself may look like. I studied life and our history, how living beings work, and the ideologies behind what constitutes a life.

After college I spent many years with my shadow, in a sort of wild like underworld enjoying, over-indulging, loving, hating and growing, always with my tarot deck by my side and never doubting my strong connection with Spirit.

My Saturn return truly introduced me to my shadow in all her glorious meaty parts. I was faced with feelings of worry, fear and doubt and although I had outlets in my life like music, dance and poetry I also loved, drinking, partying and going hard. My Saturn return allowed me to face my shadow unapologetically and own every crevice of my naked soul. Growth took place and I took my shadow with me to the Sun.

As I was exiting my Saturn return and my twin flame relationship it began to become more apparent that a big part of my soul journey on Earth is to help others as they wake up spiritually. I took a deep dive into becoming another sort of student. A light worker of sorts, who’s soul journey is to live in the underworld with Lilith, guiding each and every stranger who chooses to take the road less traveled to enlightenment.

The Tarot, Candle Magick, Crystal Reiki energy work and Astrology are the fundamentals of the foundation of my life’s work. I have taken delicate time in the creation of StarSeedShadows and all that I offer. I am constantly expanding my work as my connection with Spirit develops and evolves. It is my honor, as a witch, an alchemist to provide spiritual services for you that come from a place of integrity and authenticity that are only meant for the highest high.

I look forward to working with you.

Ashley Michelle

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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