90 Day Fiance: Does Mohamed really love Danielle?

90 Day Fiance Reunion Mohamed Danielle

Most of the cast members of TLC’s 90 Day Fiance stir up questions over whether or not the relationships are sincere, but Mohammed and Danielle even get questions from their fellow show participants. In an sitdown reunion-style update on the couples, did Danielle and Mohamed finally tell the truth about their relationship?

At the start, Mohamed admitted his relationship with Danielle wasn’t “100% love from the beginning,” because they had only spent 11 days together, but they were trying to make it “like big love.” He said his decision to come to the United States from Tunisia to marry Danielle was 40% “trying something new,” and 60% to “be with someone to be stable, and live your life.”

When Jason asked Mohamed if he loved Danielle, with a searching lilt to his voice that indicated he really wanted to know, Mohamed replied, “Yes, I do.” Evelyn pointed out that maybe people questioned Mohamed’s love because the pair never shared any physical affection on screen, but Mohamed countered that for his culture, it’s “really bad” to show affection in public. He even put off kissing Danielle at the alter because of Ramadan.

Danielle hid her head during this discussion because she said this issue was a big deal on social media and with her family. “But why love is only like kissing and hugging, and that stuff?” Mohamed argued. “Love is bigger than that. Because maybe some people use the word ‘I love you’ like it’s like, seem like they are saying ‘hi.’ They don’t even mean it.” Danielle pointed out that Mohammed was frustrated because he didn’t have a job, and he agreed that that was a meaningful part of his old life that he deeply missed.

When the host asked if he gave up his old life of working and building something in his home country for an adventure, or for love, Mohammed responded, “I don’t know, I cannot lie. If someone, I don’t mean that it’s not love, if someone else is just gonna say ‘OK, it’s only about love,’ for me, that’s how I am.”

Mohamed said that he waited till marriage for sex (and any physical affection at all) because of his religious beliefs. His physical attraction to Danielle was questioned even more when he said on camera that we found her “acceptable” for a physical relationship. Danielle said that when Mohamed called her “acceptable,” that it meant that he thinks she’s beautiful because it means something different for him than for Americans.

90 Day Fiance Mohamed's lawyer immigration attorney with a beard

He said he saw his lawyer (above) on the day of the wedding because, “Getting married is not just about being with someone. I talk about it a lot. You’re going to be tied to that person in everything, everything.” He said he went on the last day because he had procrastinated, and this was his last chance. He admitted that he sought counsel from the lawyer both to see if he had to take responsibility for all of Danielle’s financial problems, and to see if he had to marry Danielle in order to stay in the country.

As for whether or not he’s in it to get his green card, Mohamed insists that “No matter what you will say, they will keep going on and on, ‘no there for the green card, even if you say ‘I love, I am honest, I don’t need the green card,’ in their mind, it’s Green card.

He said that he doesn’t believe they’ve been honest with one another, citing the financial issues Danielle hid from him, and that he’s not happy with his marriage in Danielle right now. “They way I am, only sitting at home, cannot do nothing, and with all the drama going on, nobody would be happy like that.”

He said that he did not move out of Danielle’s house, and spent a few days in a hotel. Danielle claims that one of her friends was trying to get Mohamed to leave her, but Mohamed claims that this friend was just trying to help him. They claim that they are being truthful about their relationship, despite all these issues.

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