90 DAY FIANCE Eric Rosenbrook confirms texts, altercation with Leida after she tried to harm herself with a knife

90 Day Fiance star Eric Rosenbrook did an Instagram Live session in which he confirmed that the leaked text messages from Sunday were real.

The text messages described an incident in which Eric’s wife Leida grabbed a knife and tried to harm herself before Eric took it away, picked her up by her hair, and then restrained her against the wall. He also confirms that police were called and a report was filed before Leida was taken to a local hospital for evaluation.

Eric recorded the video from his and Leida’s home, and Leida is in the room with him — albeit off camera. Leida has signed on with a public relations firm and is not supposed to appear on social media per their instructions, but she could be heard speaking several times throughout the video.

Eric begins by confirming the incident described in the text messages, which he calls a “dust up.” Just as it was described in the texts, Leida and Eric were having some sort of dispute in the kitchen when she picked up a knife and threatened “self harm.” Eric wrestled the knife from her while she was apparently either sitting in a chair or was on the floor. He “attempted to stand her up on her feet so I could look her in the face and restrain her wrists,” and the way he did this was he “pulled her up by her hair.”

Eric says that he overreacted, and just as he wrote in the texts, he says that it was his military training that took over after he was “triggered.” Eric says that Leida did not resist, and that he believes things would have gone differently if she had. “Had she resisted it may have snapped me back to reality and I would not have done it,” he says. “I’d like to believe that I would not have continued to do it that way.”

Leida reportedly did not sustain any injuries aside from a possible scratch on her scalp, which Eric admits that he may have caused.

Eric says it was Leida who insisted that they call the police, and he obliged. Police took both of their statements and then they took Leida to a hospital for evaluation. “They wanted to take her to Hope House,” Eric says, referencing a safe house in Baraboo for victims of domestic violence, but Eric agreed to just stay in a hotel instead.

Although some of what Leida says in the background is hard to decipher, she can clearly be heard at one point saying: “I’m OK guys. Don’t worry about it.”

Later in the video, Eric addresses the “leaked” text messages and confirms that they are completely legit. However, he says that one of the conversations was screen capped from his iPhone, and he did not do it. He is completely baffled how someone was able to screen shot that conversation.

Eric also clarifies that Leida signing on with e PR firm was in the works prior to the incident, and the two events are not connected.

Strangely, despite the text messages and everything described in them being 100-percent real and accurate, Eric had a word of caution for people believing what they see online — apparently because of a “certain publication” posting things that he sees as fake news. “By the way, what you read in the news, you might want to wait for us to comment first if we’re going to at all, before believing anything or everything,” Eric says. “In this case, yes, the screen shots were real, but there’s other things in the past few weeks that a certain publication has posted that’s just been garbage.”

At the end of the video, Eric thanks those who have been supportive before asking that everyone “just give us some space here, and let us make sure that we can get back on stable ground.”

I’m not trying to be insensitive and/and sarcastic, but I don’t quite understand what he is asking for. If he and Leida want “space,” then all they have to do is just stay off the internet, right? Of course, if there are people showing up at their house or calling him at work or whatever, then y’all need to cut that sh*t out for sure — regardless.

OK, here’s a fairly comprehensive transcript/recap of Eric’s video for those of you unable to view his Instagram Live:

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